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The Impact of Directional Sleep…

 It is significant to understand the various impacts about the directional sleep of a person. One gains or loses energy,  due to directional sleep since each direction has got its own effect. It is based on the principles relating to the cosmic energy from the planetary movements. As the energy differs on each direction, it has its direct impact on the sleeping direction of a person. Sleeping direction has not only got importance due to its scientific reasons but also been vastly discussed in Vaastu Shastra.

The earth has a greater magnetic force. In the same manner, health scientists reveal that human body too has similar magnetic stretch with the positive pole at the head and the negative one at the feet as the blood in the body contains iron (Hemoglobin – Hb or Hgb).

Early morning Sun’s rays are proved to be beneficial to one’s health. It helps production of Vitamin-D which helps in absorption of Calcium and Phosphates. This in turn helps better brain development. Another reason, Earth revolves itself from west to east, and sun’s magnetic field enters earth from east side. This magnetic force enters our head if we lie with head on the east and exits through feet, promoting cool head warm feat as per the laws of magnetisim and electricity.

Earth’s magnetic pole is stretched from South to North with Positive Pole on South. The head acts as positive pole in human body. It is a known fact that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Thus the Earth’s magnetic force and that of the human body will repel each other. It is also understood that young should sleep on east direction since they are in the growing brain stage and for elders; south direction is highly recommended to have their better sleep.

 Head towards East:



1.This leads to higher concentration and retention power.

2.It enhances good health & enlightenment Not advised

Head towards West:

Not Advised

Not an advisable sleeping position since lying against the sun’s magnetic field results in cool feet and hot head which makes a person feels unpleasant.


1.The head resting in West might cause disturbed sleep

2.Chances of developing irritability, frustration and emotional instability

3.Some major illness and tendency towards violence.

Head Towards North

 Not advised


1.Disruption in the flow of blood due to magnetic repulsion and causing disturbed sleep.

2.Loss of sound sleep pertains to irritability, frustration and emotional instability; resulting in physical and mental health illness

Head Towards South


South is highly recommended sleeping direction as it synchronizes with the magnetic force of earth and human body.


Gives sound sleep & health


It is generally understood that one who sleeps with his head towards east and towards south awakes to a glorious morning with great health and longevity.

 “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health

and our bodies together” – Thomas Dekker

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