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Know Your Cost – FY 2024 – 25 ( Effective from 01-04-2024 to 31-03-2025) 

Amount is Payable Per Person in Indian Rupees

Membership for Independent Living Persons

Note: As part of our commitment towards operating the elders care at competitive cost, there is NO revision in cost for this year 24-25. This is done for the past two years. So the charges of 22-23 is continued without any upwards revision. Also there is reduction in the initial payments for this year 24-25. When more elders occupy our facility, the cost will be more competitive. 

The above said costing is ideal for all situations. In case of medical issues and if a member lives on their own money, the member tends to lose their conscious or they may not be competent to sign cheque or do online payment to their expenses. Under the above costing, it is guaranteed that in any emergency or delay in making their payment, it will not stop the care to be provided to an elder. It also applies to a demised member who is left with no one to support their expenses. Also, in the event of a sponsor to a member dies or the sponsor doesn’t turn for the payment, the continued care to the members will be in trouble due to want of money. On the above said reasons there is balance arrived to keep some amount credit in the members account anticipating the eventualities negative to the member. As a care giver we need to consider all the above situation. On the other hand, if a member is supported by active family relatives or friends there is option available to reduce the initial payment and increase the monthly charges. Please approach the management to explore this option.  

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Specific Terms

  1. Monthly Charges Include Food, Beverage, Accommodation, In-House Doctors Care, Regular House Keeping, Facility Usage Charges, Regular Staff Nurse Care, Basic DTH TV Charges, etc.
  2. Monthly Charges Excludes Electricity Charges, Laundry, Dedicated Wi-fi Internet, Medicines, Hospital & Personal Expenses.
  3. For AC Accommodation Rs.1750/- Per Month (Inclusive of Tax) Will Be Charged Extra. All expenses towards maintenance and replacement shall be at the cost of Nandhavanam. For Diamond and Platinum Membership Only One Air-conditioner Will be Provided. Member Can Opt for Second AC on Additional Cost.
  4. Life Time Membership is also available at Lower Refundable Deposit with Higher Monthly Charges.
  5. Joining Fee is Not Refundable
  6. Lock in period is 24 months for Life Time Members
  7. The Tariff Mentioned Above is Applicable for Lifetime Members Only.
  8. Refundable Deposit and Joining Fee Will be Revised Every April (Applicable Only for New Membership).
  9. Following Attender Care Services Are Available For Members Who Need Assistance To Do Their Day To Day Living Chargeable On Monthly Basis Per Person.
      • 24/7 Exclusive Attender Support: Rs. 35,000/-
      • 12 hrs Exclusive Attender Support: Rs. 17,500/-
      • 24/7 Shared Attender Support: Rs. 17,500/-

Duties of Attender

  • Help the member to get up from the bed and back to their bed.
  • Help the member to go to toilet.
  • Giving used dress for washing.
  • Giving medicines as advice by staff nurse.
  • Taking them to the portico for reading news paper.
  • Dusting and arranging the bed and keeping the domicile neat and clean.
  • Help the member to take bath.
  • Getting the food from the dining or taking the member to the   dining hall and helping them while dining.
  • Changing the soiled dress.
  • Help them in walking, outside the room. etc

General Terms

  • Twin Sharing Can Be Availed Only Among Blood Relatives Or Among Legally Married Husband And Wife.
  • Tariff Includes Applicable Taxes and Shall Be Revised Hereafter From the Date of Change in Tax.
  • Increase In Monthly Maintenance Charges At A Maximum Rate Of 12% (Excluding Taxes) Shall Prevail For Next Block Period Of Three Years (I.E. 01-04-2021 To 31-03-2024). However Management May Revise The Number At Reduced Rate, Based On Cost Of Index Escalation. For this current year there is no increase in cost. we maintained the same cost to that of last year.
  • Trial Stay Option Available For a Minimum Period of 3 Days and Maximum Period of 7 Days.
  • Only Diamond And Platinum Members Can Have Their Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Induction Stove, OTG, Etc In Their Domiciles. Other Members Are Allowed Subject To Feasibility
  • Acceptance Of Membership Is The Sole Discretion Of The Management.
  • During Facility Visit One Can Discuss and Understand the Over All Terms and Conditions.
  • Please Read Our FAQs For More Clarification.

Self Experiencing Trial Stay

You can experience the ambiance, food, hospitality etc. for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum period of 7 days (COVID TEST COMPULSORY) with the following tariff which includes food and lodging. The charges are payable upfront. Applicable Taxes Extra which is at present charged at 12%.

Type of Accommodation250 Sq.ft500 Sq.ft
Single Occupancy ( Non A/C ) per day ChargesRs. 1500/-Rs. 2000/-
Single Occupancy (A/C ) per day ChargesRs. 2000/-Rs. 2500/-
Double Occupancy ( Non A/C ) per day ChargesRs. 2000/-Rs. 2500/-
Double Occupancy (A/C ) per day ChargesRs. 2500/-Rs. 3000/-
Mrs. S. Visalam - Member - Tamil
Mr. Natarajan - Member - Tamil
Mrs. Mohana Kumari - Member - Tamil

Charges Transparency

Nandhavanam takes into account the importance of financial burden on the overall cost of every elder. Since commercial service is adopted to maintain their Dignity and Social Status, it has been decided by the Management, as part of respecting the elders, to extend certain Concessions for the services and facilities provided inside Nandhavanam either within the package or at reduced cost.

Charges Includes

  • Doctors Consultation Fee (General Physician)
  • Staff Nurse Charges
  • Domicile Service to Ailed Members
  • Fitness Classes by Professionals
  • Lab Test – 5 Times in a Year (General Category)
  • In house Hospitalisation Care (Free Till Life Time)
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Common Electricity Cost
  • Television – Direct to Home DTH
  • In-campus Conveyance

Charges Includes

  • Ritual Performing Hall Usage
  • Banking Services*
  • Online Tracking (Under Development)
  • email / Whats app /SMS Alerts
  • Common Internet Usage
  • Shuttle services from Nandhavanam to Kancheepuram & Chennai*
  • Library
  • Regular House Keeping Services
  • Health Status Updates

Charges At Reduced Price

  • Professionals Support
  • Insurance Policy Services*
  • Try Your Kitchen Usage
  • Party Arrangements

Charges On Actual

  • Personal Expenses
  • Laundry Charges
  • Electricity for the Domicile
  • Hospital and Doctors Charges
  • Medical Expenses
  • High Speed Internet to Domicile
  • Air-conditioner Charges

* Conditions Apply

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