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As part of our transparent policy we are providing the statistics of existing Members at Nandhavanam for the better understanding of our readers. This will surely give better idea about the type of people residing at our facility. If you need more information, please feel free to send us a mail and the same sets of questions will be used for our future presentation.

5 -5
Total No of Resident Members
Male 31
Female 43
Total 74

Age Band of Members

Age Band T M F
















91 & Above




4 -4

Assisted Living Members





Total 27

Life Time Members Info






















Known Languages of Members





















Malayalam 7 4 3
Known Languages of Members












Kannada 6









Couple Members

Domicile Size


250 Sq. Ft Domicile


500 Sq. Ft Domicile


Mother Language of Members
Language T M F
Tamil 65 26 39
Telugu 5 3 2
Malayalam 2 2
Sourastra 2 2

Available Membership Today

Membership Type


250 Sq. Ft (Silver / Gold)


500 Sq. Ft (Diamond / Platinum)


ALF – 250 Sq. Ft



Expansion In Pipe Line

Membership Type


250 Sq. Ft (Silver / Gold)

500 Sq. Ft (Diamond / Platinum)

Year On Year Members
Year T M F
14-15 25 15 10
15-16 44 26 18
16-17 59 30 29
17-18 74 32 42
18-19 * 74 31 43

Member Addition Policy

Selecting The Right Class Of People
Serving The Dignified And Deserving People
Adding Members Through Credentials
Reaching Through Word of Mouth

Member Addition Policy

Having Kind Approach, Mingling With Everyone Freely
Having Mental Comfort To Live In A Society Living Concept
Being Independent
Helping And Caring Nature

Membership Cancelled






3 1














Members Demised
















Note: The facility is running at its full strength since 17-18. The availability arises due to cancellation or demise of existing members. Hence the same strength of Membership continues for the year 18-19 Also. It is expected to increase from 19-20 with new facility coming up.

T = Total, M = Male, F = Female | Data Presented As at 31-3-19

1. Where is “Nandhavanam” situated?

“Nandhavanam” is situated at a distance of 12 Kms from Kancheepuram (The Temple Town) on the Uthiramerur direction in a Village called Keelperamanallur. Kancheepuram is located at a distance of around 75 Kms from Chennai (Madras) on the Bangalore National Highway.

2. What is the principal objective of “Nandhavanam”?

To provide Comfortable, Secured & Peaceful living atmosphere for Dignified Seniors and to serve them in crossing their Leisurely Living Life.

3. Is “Nandhavanam” an Old Age Home?

Not exactly, it is meant for the senior people who wish to lead their leisurely living life on their own. However the result of seniors becoming Members would result in as an Old Aged Community.

4. How is “Nandhavanam” different from Old Age Homes?

Old Age Homes Nandhavanam
It only accommodates old people who could not be managed by their family members or who are ignored on economical or physical grounds It accommodates self dependent people who can lead their life financially and physically while they become a Member. When age goes they may become physically dependent.
It focuses on food and living space It provides secured ambiance at an affordable cost under the concept of “Home Away from Home”
Majority of the old age homes runs on donations and public contribution and they are managed under charity Runs on Membership and on cost basis adding social respect in living as owner.
It affects the social respect of a family head, if they put their old aged family members in old age homes It gives social respect and pride since the cost is met.
Many of the old age homes lack professional set up Run with professionals and by a corporate
It is always managed with set of volunteers and honorary team Managed with paid staff force
No in–house employment opportunity Opportunity for in–house employment based on their ability and skill

5. Whether Retirement Villages and Assisted Living Centers are same? How Nandhavanam is unique?

No. Post Retirement Living can be broadly classified in two categories viz. 1. Self-Depended Living and 2. Assisted Living. One can opt for Retirement Villages during the first part of their living and should switch to second part of their living when assistance is needed. Retirement Villages are sold to individuals with certain terms and conditions. Assisted living is the living period between home and nursing home. But in our view running cost of retirement villages along with assisted living facilities will be very much on the higher side.Nandhavanam is the hybrid version of both Retirement Living & Assisted Living for elders. One can decide their life to live in peace right from the beginning of the retirement

6. Will you sell the residential units at Nandhavanam?

No. The basic purpose for forming Nandhavanam is to serve the dignified seniors at their golden period. Selling the residential units and serving them on cost basis may not work out in long run, since the ownership is transferred. This will create inconvenience to the Management in effectively delivering their goal. Issues will arise on legal grounds as well as on personal grounds with various individuals. The responsibility of the Nandhavanam and its ambition, goal will be defeated at one point and all the good efforts will become meaningless. Moreover, at the golden period of a person it is not advisable to own any immovable assets in their name, which may create further complications and inconvenience for their peaceful living. Living as time shared ownership is the best way at this living periods. Hence it is firmly decided by the Management not to sell its residential units.

7. What are the situations in which an individual needs Nandhavanam’s support?

  • Individuals who wish to stay away after their children’s marriage
  • Individuals whose children are either living or settled in other States of India or in any other Country
  • Individuals who wish to attach themselves on serving human society
  • Individuals who wish to live in peaceful and secured ambiance after their retirement
  • Individuals who have not married and become seniors
  • Couples who do not have any children or persons to care.

8. Can a Member be expelled from “Nandhavanam”?

The cause of running “Nandhavanam” is to care and serve seniors for peaceful living. It is implied that every Member shall cooperate for its smooth running. No one should give any sort of trouble or inconvenience to others in any manner within Nandhavanam. The Appraisal Committee will make periodical report about the various activities of every Member. The Management reserves the right of warning, taking corrective actions and if needed expel the Member from “Nandhavanam”.

9. What is considered to be Negative Remarks on the Conduct of a Member?

To illustrate, following are the examples of incidents which will be considered as Negative Remarks from Management’s point of view.

  • Damaging the assets of “Nandhavanam”
  • Indulging in fraudulent activities while handling the roles of employment
  • Involving in theft of any kind with anyone
  • Involving in frequent quarrels with others
  • Not abiding by the terms and conditions of the Management
  • Bringing prohibited items inside “Nandhavanam”
  • Getting involved in unacceptable activities
  • Involving themselves in criminal and civil related prohibitive matters
  • Willful suppression of fact about his/her involvement which are against the guidelines of “Nandhavanam”
  • Any other reason which are against the objects of the Management.

10. What if the self–declaration regarding the ailments of a member is found false after joining Nandhavanam?

It may become a cause for termination of membership by the Management. The Management reserves the full rights on this issue.

11. Any Dress Code within Nandhavanam?

There is no specific code. But the dressing should give comfort to other members. No member shall move around in bare body or with towel etc.

12. Do you arrange for organ donations like eyes, heart etc? Explain about this.

Yes. Those Members who are interested in donating their organs will be introduced with the respective institutions that are authorised for this purpose. Volunteers from such institutions will be in touch with interested members and Nandhavanam will take the necessary steps in fulfilling their wish subject to feasibility and situation prevailing at the time of a Member’s demise.

13. Is there any facility for Ritual performance?

Yes, a dedicated reserved space is available within “Nandhavanam” for performing the rituals based on the need of the respective Member on cost basis. The required Member should inform the Management well in advance about their need and expectation for such performances.

14. Explain the procedure in case of demise of a Member?

  • The Sponsor Or the Nominated Kin of the demised Member will be immediately communicated over telephone and e–mail
  • Based on the recommendation of the Panel Doctor, the demised Member will be kept suitably
  • The concerned Sponsor Or the nominated Kin or any authorized representatives shall present at “Nandhavanam” as early as possible
  • Complete the documentation formalities and proceed further as per the family custom
  • In case of any delay in reaching “Nandhavanam” by such Sponsor or the nominated Kin or any authorized representative beyond the informed time, the Management will perform the last rites
  • All the expenses will be charged with the demised Member’s account

15. Whether “Nandhavanam” will perform the Last rites?

Yes. The last rite will be executed according to the custom of the member, Panel Doctor’s advice, norms of the local civic authority, etc. For more details contact the Management.

1. What does it mean by Life Time Membership? How is it different from ownership?

Life Time Membership means, one will be a member with Nandhavanam till they are alive. After the demise of the member, the refundable deposit will be returned to the nominee mentioned as on the latest date. The member holds Life Time Entitlement at their wish, without owning the property in their name.

2. Who can join “Nandhavanam” as a Member?

Any Indian Citizen, male or female, who has completed 45 years of age, who can function independently, having sufficient financial ability to meet out both for the present and future cost of living as well as the unknown cost which may arise due to health issues, can become a Member in “Nandhavanam”.

3. My spouse is below 45 years. Can she / he become a Member?

Yes. There is no minimum age restriction of your spouse if your age is more than 45 year.

4. What is the expected level of Code of Conduct of a Member in “Nandhavanam”?

  • Individuals with Clean Habit, Good Behavior, Etiquette, Moral & Social Responsibility
  • Persons from a respectable family back ground, who executed and delivered all their responsibilities rightly during their service period
  • Individuals, who can Understand, Cope–up and Co–operate with others.
  • Persons who can accept and follow the healthy rules and regulations of “Nandhavanam”.

5. Would there be any difference among Members with respect to their category of Membership, Social Status, Past Achievements etc?

Strictly No. There will be nil discrimination within “Nandhavanam” with respect to the category of Membership, Religion, Caste, Race, Culture, Language, Color, Status, Social, Economical and Political heights. All are equal and those Members who can afford to take more space can change their plan. It is purely their personal choice and no undue benefits would be extended to different category of Membership.

6. What are the restrictions for becoming a Member in “Nandhavanam”?

  • Persons with any Type of Communicable Disease(s)
  • Persons Ailing from any Type of Major and/or Complex/Venereal Disease(s)
  • Person of Insane or Unsound Mind
  • Any Person who was Either Punished by any Court of Law or Arrested or Imprisoned for any Fraud, Offenses or on Charges or Against Whom any Pending Complaints Laying with any Police Station, or Against Whom any Trial before Civil or Criminal Court or Any other Authority is pending anywhere either within or outside India
  • Any Person who is Addicted to Smoking, Chewing of Pan, Drug, Alcohol, etc.
  • Any other Ground(s) of Rejection as Decided by the Management on Case to Case Basis
  • The Management Reserves the Right of Admission or Rejection of an Application.
  • In Case if A Member, Concealed such Restrictions while Taking His/ Her Membership, the Management will have the Full Right to Terminate such Membership Immediately upon Knowing the Fact of Such Concealment.

7. Explain the process and procedure of becoming a Member of “Nandhavanam”?

  • Visit the Authorized Representatives/ Corporate Office/ Nandhavanam and Understand the Procedures including the Terms and Conditions to Become as A Member of “Nandhavanam
  • Get to Know the Tentative Admission Time from Nandhavanam
  • Submit the Application along with Background Verification Charges
  • After the Successful Background Verification, Undergo Medical Screening From our Panel Doctors at Your Cost
  • After the Successful Medical Screening, Make Payments Applicable to the Category of your Membership as Advised by the Management
  • Execute the Contract of Membership, Nomination Form etc.
  • The Management will confirm the date and from the date of joining the person will be within the Cares of “Nandhavanam” as a Member.

8. Can I take the membership in advance?

No. However you can register yourself under “Soon After Membership”, if the probable date of taking up the membership with Nandhavanam is beyond a period of six months. This can be done by paying the part of refundable deposit. You will be given first priority for admission while you opt to become a member later.

9. Does advance booking guarantee admission in Nandhavanam?

Yes. Subject to fulfilling the terms and conditions prevailing at that time of admission.

10. Can I decide the joining date?

Yes. Six months clear advance intimation is required. However if availability is there, you may join early.

11. What will happen if I am unable to join on the date given by you?

You may choose another date with six months gap. However if availability is there, you may join early.

12. Can a member cancel the membership voluntarily?


13. What if a member cancels the membership before joining Nandhavanam? Will you return the refundable deposit and joining fee that was collected during admission?

A member can cancel the membership even before joining Nandhavanam as per his/her will. The lock-in period for the refundable deposit will end as per the terms of the membership agreement. In any case, the joining fee remains non-refundable.

14. A member first decides to cancel the membership before joining Nandhavanam and intimates the Management. There after decides to join Nandhavanam. How will the lock–in period for the refundable deposit be considered?

The lock–in period for the refundable deposit in any case would be as per the membership agreement.

15. A member first decides to cancel the membership after joining Nandhavanam and intimates the Management. There after decides to continue with Nandhavanam. Can a member do so? How will the lock–in period for the refundable deposit be considered?

Yes. The existing member can do so for one time. However if they do so for the second time then they will be considered as a new member and they lose all their existing benefits, facility provided exclusively to such membership. They shall follow all the formalities, which are applicable to a new member, excluding background verification, medical checkup process. In case of any additional deposit payable by the member due to the fresh membership they shall pay the same along with difference in the joining fee . The lock–in period for the refundable deposit would be as per the new membership agreement.

16. In Twin sharing, how the choice of sharing is decided?

In general the twin sharing will be occupied by either couples who are husband and wife (or) brothers or sisters of the same family. However if both the joint members agrees the sharing can be done with same gender of persons.

17. In Twin sharing how expenses among the two Members are shared?

Those expenses which are common to the domicile shall be equally shared among the two Members

18. What if a member vacates Nandhavanam after a short span?

In case a Member becomes a non–member, either on their personal grounds or at the discretion of the Management within a period of 365 days from the date of occupancy, deemed Short Stay charges is applicable. For more details, contact Nandhavanam Corporate office. The deemed Short Stay Charges payable shall not be applicable if vacancy arises due to the demise of a member.

19. What is Deemed Short Stay? When is it applicable? How do we calculate Deemed Short Stay Charges?

In case, when a Member becomes a non-member, either on their personal grounds or at the discretion of the Management within a period of 365 days from the date of occupancy, it is termed as Deemed Short Stay.

Deemed Short stay charges will be calculated based on the actual number of days the person stayed in Nandhavanam @ Daily Trial Stay Tariff or based on the balance period fixed monthly charges, whichever is less. (Please contact the Nandhavanam Corporate office for more details)

20. Is there Short Stay Facility available?

Yes. Short Stay Facility is available for a minimum period of one Month or such other higher Periods. Period of Stay should be decided upfront. Strictly no extension shall be allowed and the person should checkout premises on the Pre–Agreed Date.

21. What is the admission procedure for Short Stay Option?

The individual needs to undergo General Checkup by Doctor along with a Self–Declaration about their Health Status.

At the time of admission the individual has to pay the Interim Membership Charges (Non– Refundable) and the Refundable Deposit as advised by the Management. The deposit amount will be refunded on Checkout Subject to other deductions like Additional Services Availed, Damages to Assets if any etc. For more details, contact Nandhavanam Corporate office.

22. Should I undergo medical screening every time when I come for Short Stay Membership?


23. What are the events or situations in which “Nandhavanam” takes NIL Responsibility towards a Member?

  • The personal belongings and valuables lost within or outside the premises of “Nandhavanam”
  • Any accident or mis–happening both inside and outside the premises of “Nandhavanam”
  • Health deterioration of a Member due to his/her age and ailment
  • Any epidemic spreading locally and affecting human
  • Losses or damages to Members due to the Act of God or Natural disaster
  • Any loss or damage to Members arising due to his/her willful activity
  • Any technical failure in facilities and equipments provided at “Nandhavanam”
  • Unintentional delay in services
  • Things which are not within the control of the Management.

24. Can I stay and experience Nandhavanam as a Trial Stay Person?


25. Explain “Serve and Earn Option”?

  • “Nandhavanam” involves various administrative activities which are to be managed by handful of like minded people. Nandhavanam feels that the best person for such activity should be its Members who have mind and physic.
  • Members having experience / interest in required fields can extend their services.
  • Suitable concession will be extended on his/her monthly charges based on the roles and responsibilities handled by the Member.

26. Can a Member go out and come back to “Nandhavanam”? Will there be any restriction on that?

  • As such there is no restriction on any member going out of “Nandhavanam” if they are capable of doing so.
  • However frequent outing shall be avoided to give comfort to the Management as well as to their family members.
  • For a sponsored Member, general consent of the sponsor is must for going out of “Nandhavanam”. In case of specific direction given by such sponsor then prior consent by email is required for going out of “Nandhavanam”
  • The management may also restrict or disallow a Member going out of Nandhavanam at times of spreading disease, National Strike, Bandh, Political Meetings, Election Periods etc.
  • The decision of the Management will be final. The purpose is to give mental comfort to the sponsor that the Member is within the secured gates of “Nandhavanam”.

27. Can I have my own Attenders/Staff Nurse?

No. Nandhavanam will provide attenders service either dedicated or shared and in-house staff nurse will take care all the members.

28. Can I have pet animals within “Nandhavanam”?


29. Is there specially designed domicile for differently–abled?

All the domiciles are designed and constructed considering the kind of aged people who will use the facility at Nandhavanam. Hence Nandhavanam is user friendly environment to the differently abled .  Room services would be done for such Members as short listed by the management.

30. Can a Member become a Group Member with other Member who is either their Relatives or Spouse?

  • Yes. With the following conditions:
  • They should be relative or spouse and should stay in the same room
  • Their sponsor should be self or the Co-Member
  • They should enter into a Group Membership Agreement with the Management of Nandhavanam
  • The Minimum and maximum Members in a group can be of 2 and 4 respectively
  • The Group Membership cannot be terminated at any time once entered
  • Still if situation warrants, for cancellation of Group Membership, the terms and conditions applicable to the Membership Type to be fulfilled.
  • For more details, contact Nandhavanam

31. Explain the Process / Support extended by Nandhavanam – for changing the Bank Account, ID Proof, Address Proof etc.

  • Nandhavanam will provide Address proof to Life Time Members.
  • A new bank account be opened or their existing account be shifted to Kancheepuram Branch. This applies to their existing Pension Account also.
  • Then the Aadhar can be changed / applied fresh as the case may be.
  • Then the Pan Card and Passport be updated.
  • We provide support service for obtaining Life Certificate for pension holders.

32. Can a member transfer his / her membership to any other person? 

No. Membership is assigned to a single person only till his / her life time and it is not transferable to any other person. They have to follow the queuing system for them to become as a member.

33. Can a member upgrade / downgrade (swap) their membership? 

Yes. Subject to availability and complying other terms and conditions prevailing at that time of swap.

1. What are the different components of Cost towards Subscribing a Life Time Membership?.

Joining Fee, Refundable Deposit, 6 Months Advance Monthly Charges. For More Details Check the Membership Page.

2. Explain the situations where the Refundable Deposit money collected from a Member is used?

  • Unexpected emergencies arising on health and hospital related issues
  • Delay in receiving the monthly expenses either from the Member or from the Sponsor
  • Recovering the damages made by the Member to the assets of “Nandhavanam”
  • Meeting the last rites and related expenses
  • Transferring defaulted Member from “Nandhavanam” to another charitable organization

3. How is Refundable Deposit fixed for a Member? Is it same for all?

The refundable deposit is same for all Members of a particular category which is fixed by the Management as its internal policy. However there may be additional deposit fixed for a Member as per the recommendations of the Panel Doctors and Appraisal Committee, considering the applicant’s present ailment, challenges, recurrence etc. The increased additional deposit is payable only at the time of joining and not after becoming as a Member.

The deposit is fixed to meet out the unforeseen medical expenses considering the health status of a Member. The Panel Doctors and the Appraisal Committee MAY/will recommend an increased deposit considering the applicant’s present ailment and challenges in order to meet out expenditure during emergency.

4. Is there any Option for Paying Lower Refundable Deposit and with Higher Monthly Charges?


5. Does the deposit vary depending on age?

No. But it is advisable to have extra deposit considering the health issues that may arise due to age factor.

6. What is lock–in period for the refundable deposit?

The lock–in period varies based on the entry age and ailment of a new member which will be of 12 months or 18 months or  24 months as the case may be.

7. Whether Lock–in period will be  fixed for all Members?

No. It varies depending on age and ailment.


It is expected that a member should join Nandhavanam when they are fairly independent and manage their day to day requirement; say for two / three years at least. Then they may progress to a situation where in, they need assistance, care etc. In such a situation the lock in period will be 12 months.

If a member comes at their very advanced age and the changes of their survival for minimum two to three years are not predictable, then the lock in period shall be increased to 24 months.

Further all members should compulsorily submit their recent medical reports / or undergo general health check up before joining Nandhavanam. Based on their medical report the Lock in period shall be decided.

Hence the decision of lock in period is arrived on age plus ailment considering both as per the following table.

Age Bracket  (Completed Years) Health Status Lock in Period
45 – 74 Able 12 months
75 – 85 Able 18 months
86 and above Able 24 months
45 to any age Assisted Living 24 months

8. Can a Member pay additional amount in their credit?

  • Yes, To meet the emergency, considering the age and medical problems of the Member
  • To meet monthly expenses if the usage is more
  • To avoid monthly payment inconvenience
  • To draw money for their personal use

9. Explain the refund policy of deposit and running account balance in a situation if a member demised with in the lock in period.

Where the last rites were taken care by Nandhavanam – The actual expenditure towards the last rites will be deducted from the demised member’s account and the balance deposit will be paid at the end of the Lock – in Period. However if a member is having positive running account balance, the same will be returned immediately after deducting the expenditure towards his / her last rites and the deposit will be refunded at the expiry of Lock – In Period.

10. Why do you collect 6 months advance monthly charges during the time of joining?

  • During the time of joining we collect 6 months advance monthly charges; it will be maintained by us in a running account for each member separately, which will be utilized for the following purposes.
  • Cash withdrawal from Nandhavanam.
  • On account expenses of members which are of personal in nature.
  • Delayed payment of monthly charges will get adjusted.

11. Is there any lock–in period for the deposit paid towards Short Stay Membership?


12. How can a Member get liquid cash if he/she needs it for any reason?

Since Nandhavanam is cash less environment, a Member need not have to keep any cash balance with them. In-case of requirement they can withdraw cash from their account credit from Nandhavanam’s cash counter.

13. How the monthly expense statement of a Member is communicated? 

The Monthly Expenses Statement will be sent by email / Hard copy to each Member / Sponsor.

14. How can a Member or Sponsor make the monthly payments?

  • The payments can be made through Online payment gateway either by NEFT or by RTGS, (or)
  • By Cash  at the corporate office or By Cash or Card (Debit / Credit) at the Nandhavanam cash counter, (or)
  • By Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of Concept Homes India Private Limited payable at Chennai by mentioning the name and Membership number of the Member on the back side of the instrument.

15. How will be electricity usage charged?

Every domicile is provided with an electricity consumption meter and the Members shall pay the charges according to their usage. In case of shared accommodation the charges shall be shared equally. However the common electricity charges for the open areas and other infrastructures are not chargeable.

16. Do you give any discount for the absent period at “Nandhavanam”?

Yes. In case a Member is absent at “Nandhavanam” due to his/her family visit, hospitalisation or for any reason for a continuous period of more than 5 days, predetermined sum as decided by management will be given as credit to member’s account.

17. Will there be any revision in the Maintenance Charges?

Yes, maintenance charges are revisable every April at a predetermined rate. The predetermined rate will be fixed once in 3 years commencing from 1.4.2015. The management reserves the right to fix the rate.

1. What are the types of accommodation available?

Category Total Size of Accommodation Sharing Method
Silver 250 Sq.ft Twin
Gold 250 Sq.ft Single
Diamond 500 Sq.ft Twin
Platinum 500 Sq.ft Single

2. What are the facilities, features and services available at “Nandhavanam” which are forming part of the monthly charges / charged extra?

Other than the basic facilities like Shelter and Food the following additions are available at “Nandhavanam”

Covered within the package

  • Medical Care (in house Doctors, Staff Nurse, General Attenders and Bed)
  • Television with Basic DTH connection (With Upgradable Option Based on Individual’s Choice at an Extra Cost)  and Intercom in each domicile
  • Domicile Service – Ailing Members
  • Web monitoring (activity details of the Members)
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Safety Lockers With Management Custody.
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Public Address System
  • Open and Closed Auditoriums
  • Open Lawn, Walking, Jogging court and Water Body
  • Convenient Store
  • Floor level walk ways, Coffee Joints in every floor
  • In campus Conveyance
  • Library & Reading Hall
  • Tennis and Badminton Court
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Swimming pool and Shower Area (Proposed)
  • Festival Celebrations and Exhibitions
  • Open and Closed Theaters
  • Common Drying area in each Block
  • Internet facility along with Browsing Center
  • Common Electricity of Nandhavanam
  • Events and Entertainment arranged by Nandhavanam
  • Shuttle services from Nandhavanam to Kancheepuram
Charged extra
  • Coffee/Juice/Ice–cream shop/A-la-carte food
  • Try Your Food Kitchen
  • Electricity Charges of individual Accommodation
  • Individual Insurance Policies Servicing
  • Professional Support – Property / Income Tax / Banking / Legal
  • Travel Desk Services
  • Stay for the Members‘ relatives
  • Domicile Service – Non Ailing Members
  • Separate Place for Ritual Performance
  • Performance of Last Rites
  • Personal Expenses of Any Kind and Nature
  • Lab & Medical Expenses, Hospital Expenses, Specialty Doctors Charges including Ambulance Services

3. Explain the Floor Level Walk Way facility?

Covered walk ways connecting every block with the food court and lift area is provided to facilitate easy mobility. This will give comfort during rainy and summer seasons.

4. Do you have diet consultant?


5. Is there a physical fitness centre?

Apart from the indoor and outdoor games, walking and jogging tracks, there are open and closed areas for Yoga, Meditation & Exercises. Trained professionals will give training to the desired Members.

6. How would “Nandhavanam” manage the usage of common facilities? Ex. Like swimming pool facility.

Sufficient infrastructure will be provided for all the common facilities, considering the occupied strength. In case, if more Members are continuously using a single facility, the management will restrict the usage hours per month for each Member.

7. Do you provide Professional and Liaison support?

Members who are liable to meet out their statutory obligations like filing of Income Tax Returns, Pension Form Declaration with Bank, Defending cases etc. shall be provided with services as per the choice of the Member on cost basis.

8. Can a Member ask for In–house Internet service with web camera and Air conditioner Facility?

Yes. Chargeable Extra

9. Is there any Bank inside “Nandhavanam”?

At present No. However all transaction based services are provided by Nandhavanam.

10. Do you have separate Non–Vegetarian kitchen and dining?

Presently we don’t have NV Kitchen and Dining since all our Members prefer only Veg Food even though few of our Members use to take NV Food in their past. If any one request for NV food the same can be outsourced with conditions.

11. What is the food timing?

  • Morning Beverage  :  6.00am – 6.30am.
  • Breakfast : 7.30am – 8.30am.
  • Forenoon Beverage : 11.00am – 11.30am.
  • Lunch : 12.30pm – 1.30pm.
  • Evening Beverage : 4.00pm – 4.30pm.
  • Dinner : 7.45pm –  8.30pm.

12. What are the types of travel arrangements available with “Nandhavanam”?

Travel desk will provide facilities like pick–up, drop, ticket booking and arrangement of tours. All the cost towards such facility will be charged to the Member’s account in advance.

13. What are the arrangements made at “Nandhavanam” to the visitors of a Member?

  • Visitors can meet a Member at the visitors lounge.
  • In case, a visitor wishes to stay with Gold, Diamond and Platinum Category of Member, one visitor for Gold and Diamond Category and two visitors for Platinum Category shall be allowed to stay and they shall pay all other charges other than the domicile rental.
  • Paid accommodation within “Nandhavanam” on day basis is available for other visitors with prior confirmation from the Management.

14. What are the instructions to be followed by the visitor of a Member?

  • Visitors are advised not to visit “Nandhavanam” during epidemic periods.
  • Visitors are advised not to carry any eatables, medicines, and toiletries etc. which are otherwise available at “Nandhavanam”.
  • Visitors ought to keep “Nandhavanam” neat and clean. Any loss or damage caused whether knowingly or otherwise will be charged with the respective Member’s account.
  • Visitors shall not create any inconvenience in any manner to the other Members of “Nandhavanam”.
  • Visitors should carry their original identification card and abide by the rules and regulations of the Management.

15. Do you have Power Back–up?

Yes. Generator with sufficient capacity to run all the essential facilities, light equipments in the domicile and common areas is available.

16. How is Drinking Water Supply managed?

Purified Drinking Water is provided in all the blocks. Members are provided with separate hot water kettles.

17. Do you have Group Insurance coverage?

No. It is in Proposal. If the Member has already taken any medical insurance policy, “Nandhavanam” will support for its servicing.

18. How will be commutation done within “Nandhavanam”?

Motorized transport facility is available.

19. Do you celebrate festivals?

Yes. Every festival will be celebrated in “Nandhavanam” with its specialty and uniqueness. A special menu would be served.

20. Can I cook for myself?

Yes, ‘TRY YOUR FOOD KITCHEN’ facilitates you to cook for yourself. However a Member shall procure the necessary ingredients and also get the prior reservation of the kitchen. This facility is available only for vegetarian food.

21. Can I arrange a private party?

Yes. The Management should be intimated well in advance to make the necessary arrangements. Food, Events, Photography, Video etc shall be arranged exclusively on cost basis.

22. Can I subscribe magazine/news paper of my own choice?

Yes, subject to availability.

23. What kind of entertainments will be hosted by “Nandhavanam”?

Carnatic Music, Light Music, Drama, Dance, Movies, Speech, Videos, Documentaries, etc., hosted on a periodical basis.

24. Can I watch movies of my choice at my domicile?


25. How can I safeguard my personal belongings?

You can deposit your valuables / documents in the Management Custody.

26. How can a Member be contacted (Intercom Facility)?

The IVRS will automatically route the incoming calls to the respective Member’s intercom. If not attended by the calling member the incoming calls will be attended by the front office. Callers are advised not to disturb a Member between 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm unless it is an emergency.

27. What are the arrangements made for making outgoing calls by a Member?

Members can make local and STD calls from their room itself with their intercom which will be chargeable on pulse basis.

28. Is there a Beauty Parlour?

In house parlour is available for Gents. For ladies they can avail this facility from Kancheepuram.

29. Do you have Cable Connection / DTH to watch television?

Yes. We provide DTH Satellite Television Service – Basic Package – to each Domicile with no extra charges. However a Member at their interest and choice may upgrade their package with extra cost as applicable.

30. Are there any shops within “Nandhavanam”?

Yes, Convenio is there to cater the needs. All the necessary things like Attires, Toiletries, Provisions, Gift items, Fruits, Accessories, Foot Wares, Cosmetics, Snacks, Electronic Accessories, Laundry items etc. will be either supplied or procured on need basis. Necessary arrangements will be done to supply such items as soon as possible.

31. Do you have library?

Yes. There is a reading hall and a library with required volume of newspapers, magazines and various categories of books. Members can also carry books (which are allowed) to their room and shall return within the specified time to pass on the opportunity to others in case of demand. Members can also place their interest about a book and the same will be given to them in the order of request.

32. Explain the Browsing Center Facility?

Dedicated browsing center with sufficient computers would cater the need of the Members. The timings will be between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.

33. Do you have any recreational facilities (or) Is there any place to relax oneself in “Nandhavanam”?

Yes. Periodical buffet along with live or recorded shows, concerts etc would be arranged. Apart from this Open Lawn, Swimming Pool, Water body, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Closed and Open Auditorium, park, etc will certainly keep the member in good spirit.

34. Do you have housekeeping services?

Yes. It is forming part of Monthly charges. However,  laundry charges are payable extra.

1. How will be the outside Medical treatment and Hospitalisation done?

  • Consultation with special doctors shall be arranged as advised by the panel doctors
  • The health problems, treatment expenses, duration of hospitalisation, approximate cost of the treatment and other information etc. will be communicated to the Member or the sponsor.
  • Upon approval and receiving the budgeted cost from the Member or Sponsor he/she shall be hospitalized (or) if he/she is covered under Medical Insurance Scheme follow up process and approval for the treatment will be obtained from insurance companies before admission.
  • Other developments will be periodically reported to the Sponsor or Member about the outcome of the treatment / expenditure / additional requirements etc.
  • The cost / budget may vary at the time of commencement of the treatment which may arise due to other health complications of the Member. The Management just pass the information as recommended / suggested by the Hospitals.

2. How would be a Member affected by Communicable disease managed?

  • Any Member identified with such issues either by the Panel Doctors or at outside hospitals, would be quarantined at hospitals and all the medical expenses towards its treatment shall be borne by the Member or the Sponsor.
  • No prior approval is required from the Member or the Sponsor for such treatment. They shall park the expected cost of the treatment immediately after getting such intimation from the Management.
  • If no amount could be paid he/she shall be given treatment to the extent of the fund available with his/her account.
  • Members are advised to periodically increase their cash balance considering their ailment and health problems etc. for their smooth care.

3. What are the arrangements made to care Assisted Members?

Assisted Members are grouped under three categories:

  1. Members needing short time assistance due to physical Challenges (No Illness, No Age factor)
  2. Members needing short time assistance due to age factor (No Physical Challenges, No Illness)
  • Such Members will be given accommodation in ALF blocks supported with exclusive attenders. Domicile wise calling bell support system shall be used to reach the support staff round the clock.
  1. Members needing assistance due to illness (Covers all category like Physically Challenged and Aged People)
  • Such Members will be shifted to Assisted Living Block which is supported with staff nurse and attenders who will take care of their needs.
  • Domicile –wise calling bell support system be used to reach the support staff round the clock.
  • Extra Charges be payable by such categories of Assisted Members Either for Exclusive Attender / Shared Attender.
  • Electricity, medicines and Specialist Consultation is chargeable extra.

4. How a member will be taken care, in case the member becomes partially or fully immobile due to vision, health, dementia, Alzheimer etc?

Such member will be shifted to Assisted Living Block and will be taken care suitably with staff nurse, Attender etc; along with specialist consultation, considering the situation.

5. How will be the Members with illness taken care?

They will be either attended in house or hospitalised out side as per the advice of the Panel Doctors.

6. What about ambulance services?

Exclusive 24–Hrs ambulance services are available as in house facility at “Nandhavanam”

7. Do you have Clinical Lab facility inside “Nandhavanam”?

  • Tie–up arrangements are made with testing clinical labs for the initial periods.
  • A clinical lab will be established inside “Nandhavanam” upon reaching the required level of usage.
  • Periodical checkups like sugar, urea, cholesterol, Pressure etc. are carried.
  • A Member is entitled for five Blood Sugar checkups as complementary service in a year for using the in–house facility.

8. How is the Pharmacy (Medical Store) planned?

  • Tie–up arrangements with leading medical stores to supply the required medicines have been made for the initial stage.
  • A Medical Store will be established inside “Nandhavanam” upon reaching the required level of usage.

9. How would be the sponsor / family members intimated in case of emergencies?

In all possible forms like voice call, email, SMS, WhatsApp to the Sponsor and to the single point of contacting persons as given in the data base.

10. How will be the status of the Ailed / Assisted Member in “Nandhavanam” intimated?

To give moral strength to the Sponsor & to know the exact physical condition of the Member a one minute video clipping will be shared when required. Also the general appraisal about the ailment, recovery status, present condition, recovery speed etc as informed by the panel Doctors will also be forming part of the monthly statement. This will be made only to those who had ailment during a month or member ailing due to very old age. All other communication will be done as and when there is a need.

General Terms and Guidelines to The Members  / Sponsors  / Nominees  of “Nandhavanam”


Payment should be made on or before the due date .

In case of Cheque or Draft payments, date of credit at our bank account will be considered as date of payment.

Net amount credited to our bank account in Indian Rupees will only be credited to your account with Nandhavanam.

In case of payment made for two members, the receipt will be adjusted to the first member fully and then to the next member and so on.

Excess payment, if any, shall be kept in your account credit and will be adjusted in your next monthly statement


All the supply of goods, equipment, and services are done on your behalf and the terms as stipulated by the supplier or service provider will bind on the Member.

The applicable government taxes will be levied on additional services, supply of goods etc.

No refund of taxes shall be made in case of returning the materials purchased on your behalf once paid with government account.

Any upward revision in the government levy on the Membership Charges, will get reflected in the following monthly statement.

Statement Dispute Resolution

Disputes on transactions debited to the monthly statement should be reported in writing within 30 days from the respective monthly statement date.

Any communication beyond the above said 30 days may be considered for scrutiny only at the sole discretion of the Management.

The decision of the Management will be the final and same dispute cannot be disputed in future statements.

Reversal of any charges will get effected within 30 days from the date of intimation.

Communication To The Members By “Nandhavanam”

All the monthly statement will be sent by email to the respective Sponsor.

Members will be provided with physical copy of the monthly statement.

Updating the communication address of Sponsor is mandatory, in case of changes.

Returned emails will be considered as proper servicing of monthly statement to the member as well as the sponsor.

Registered Office Address Of The Company 

Concept Homes India Private Limited, Flat No.: G2 & G3, “Sai Keerthi”, Plot No.:5206, 10th Street, Ram Nagar North Extn, Madipakkam, Chennai, India – 600 091

Postal Address Of “Nandhavanam”

“Nandhavanam”, Keelperamanallur Village, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India – 631502.

Television Entertainments 

Members are provided with DTH Television connection with basic package as decided by the Management.

Members can change their plan according to their need and incremental cost shall be charged to their monthly statement.

All the supply and services shall be obtained only in the name of the Company.

Any un-utilised account credit with any service provider at the time of a member vacating Nandhavanam shall be considered as Nil.

Our Bank Account Details

As Mentioned in the Respective Monthly Statement

How To Make Your Payments

By Fund transfer through NEFT /RTGS from any of your bank account.

By depositing Cheque or Draft to our Bank Account as provided here under.

By way of online bank transfer to our bank account as provided here under.

Direct Cash payment at “Nandhavanam” or at our “Registered office”.

Direct Card payment at “Nandhavanam”. We accept Major Credit / Debit Cards.

Do The Followings While Making Your Payments

Email us the payment details if done by online mode i.e.  RTGS / NEFT / Transfer.

If you send the cheque to our office, mention the membership number, name of the member and your phone number on the reverse side of the instrument.

Letter Communication By A Member To The Company

Send all your letters to our registered office as mentioned in this statement.

Any letters sent to Members through Indian Postal Service shall be mailed to “Nandhavanam” Postal Address as mentioned in this statement.

Any other mode of mailing like courier etc shall be sent to our registered office as mentioned in this  Statement.

Schedule Of Charges

Late payment* charges will be levied at Rs.500/- Per Month.

Delay in payment attract 2% interest on the cumulative dues.

Cheque / Payment Instrument bouncing charges – Rs.100/- per transaction plus amount charged by our bank.

Annual Maintenance Services & Replacements

Member may opt for annual maintenance service for the appliances used by them.

The authorised person will be allowed after verifying their bonafide.

Personal equipment of a member shall be at the sole use and maintenance of the member and warranty / guarantee instrument shall be kept within their custody.

Equipment fixed permanently at Members room like Air-conditioners etc. shall be bought by Nandhavanam as per the terms and understanding.

Structural damages etc due to installation and removal shall be charged to the Members account.

Every item provided at a Member’s room shall be replaced at the cost of the Member subject to guarantee / warrantee / AMC etc.,.

Some DO’s And DON’Ts

Cooperate with us in keeping your room, furniture, fixtures and equipment neat and clean.

Don’t keep valuables in easily accessible place.

You can deposit valuables or documents at the safe custody of “Nandhavanam”.

Don’t delay your food and beverage timings.

Don’t give any tips or provide financial benefits to employees of “Nandhavanam”.

Don’t waste food and water in any form.

Eat food considering your ailment, if any. Self control adds life span.

Your complaints and suggestions to be shared only with the Management through a written representation.

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