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The Name "Nandhavanam"

Nandhavanam is a place where all sorts of flowers are available. All are considered to be the best. Herein Nandhavanam all types of people shall reside who can from any part of the Nation. All are treated as the best and so the care. The name also relates to the place where Lord Krishna lived, who is also called as Nandhan.

The Tag - "The Castle for Dignified Seniors"

Though all the aged are seniors, certainly all are not dignified. We the team wish to serve a senior who lived his / her life in dignified manner, who have fulfilled their family responsibility genuinely and not having any habit of addiction towards smoking, tobacco or liquor. Hence the Tag.

The Castle

It is not just the name as castle. Also the infrastructure. The Atrium cum Reception and the Buildings are designed for giving the best in class comfort and reputation to the Dignified Seniors. Those who visit our facility Nandhavanam will not consider it as an old age homes. But they treat Nandhavanam as a Resort not only for the Seniors but also to their family Members.

The Logo

The logo of Nandhavanam will look like a flower which is matching with the name. Each petals of the flower if you look closely will resemble a human face. Since the facility is for different category of seniors each petal is in different colour. Here all are welcome.

The Web Site ""

While typing and sounding our web name it gives Independence, Self Confidence, Self Respect and Motivation. It does not motivate selfishness but it gives a message to others that I Can Live My Life.

Our Vision

To be the best in seniors’ life care by providing secured Abode and Assistance thereby discovering the joy and peace for ever.

Our Mission

  • To stamp out the in–security, loneliness and deep silence during silver life by establishing a new concept in living.
  • To motivate the seniors and fit them into place, in doable productive activities, to build them physically and economically stronger.
  • To promote the significance on senior care and it’s planning among the earning young society.

Land Extent of the Project Nandhavanam

It is spread in a land bank of 15 Acres (6.66 Lakhs Sq.ft) centrally located in a seren village called Keelperamanallur in Kanchipuram which is popularly known for 1000 Temples, Pure Kanchipuram Silk and One of the Jenma Bhoomi under Hindu Mythology.  The famous birds sanctuary “Vedanthangal” is close by and hence you can see daily migration of birds in the morning and evenings. This will be the best location for nature loving seniors.

The entire 15 acres of Land is fully compounded at a height of 10 feet with barbed fencing and CCTV Camera.

The Journey

  1. Bhoomi Pooja was held on 6th March 2011
  2. First Phase of Nandhavanam was inaugurated on 14th July 2013.
  3. Second Phase was inaugurated on 12.03.2016
  4. Third Phase was inaugurated on 18th September 2021
  5. Fourth Phase will be inaugurated by September 2023 – work in progress

Arial View of the Facility

Nandhavanam will have 28 Residential blocks for member’s accommodation purpose. There are two Common Facility Blocks, Kitchen, Auditorium, Parks, Temple, etc. The master plan and the actual Google maps is presented as above. The facility is completed with all common features. Accommodation blocks are constructed year on year. Right now, there are 7 accommodation blocks all having ground floor only is completed. The 8th block (Mahatma Gandhi Block) having 45 domiciles and the central block first floor Manuneedhi Chozhan Block having 30 Bronze category of Domiciles are under construction and this will be operational in this year. We are increasing our capacity by another 75 domiciles.

Closed Auditorium

11,250 sq. ft of closed Maayan’s Auditorium, set up with food service counters, Wash Rooms etc. The seating capacity of this auditorium is 800 appx. The name of the auditorium is derived from the name of Lord Krishna. We conduct all programs here. Since all our members cannot move around we bring artist in our campus to make our members entertained and comfortable.

Lawn with Tea Shop

5,300 sq.ft of lawn with Tea Shop located in the center of the total land extent. This will cater for the assembling and chatting area for all members. Surrounded by architecturally designed buildings and scenic nature this place will give good vibe to the minds of elders in the evening along with bird’s migration and creatures.

Architecturally Designed Scenic Water Body

15,000 Sq.ft of Architecturally designed scenic water body with Rest Rooms is built for bringing the ambiance to top class. This is made to give lively ambiance to visitors and seniors in the evening. This location is another assembling and chatting area for all members. Elders in the evening along with bird’s migration and creatures spend their time with their friends.

Children Play Area

This area is made for the grand children to enjoy when they come to Nandhavanam. They not only enjoy the beautiful ambiance but also enjoy the play area and our food. Kids are provided with interesting snacks to make them happy while they stay at Nandhavanam.


Apart from walking members are enjoying the parks provided at Nandhavanam. Seating facility is available throughout the project and whenever they wanted to take rest while walking they can do so. They also find a shadow place and listen their music or social media programs in a natural ambiance.  Liveliness is another form of medicine to their mind.


In order to give a spiritual environment, Nandhavanam erected a Sai Idol in the Park for all our members to visit daily in the morning and evening. This motivates all members to make a habit of visiting Sai who are either independent or wheel chair dependent. This habit also makes them to come out of their domicile and so they are refreshed. During COVID lock down periods members felt very satisfied by seeing Baba on daily basis. Every Thursday special pooja is conducted and members join for a Bhajan ended with Arathi and Prasadam.

Inner Road Cum Walk Way

Neatly maintained inner roads along with seating facility on both sides are provided for the exclusive benefit of members. They can sit below sunlight in the morning and they can also make a walk covering the full length or half length depending on their ability. Walking is the best way of exercise and every member follows this daily. While walking if they feel tiered they can take rest and go.

Yoga Court

2500 Sq.ft. of Yoga Grass Court. Members for a change can walk on the grass which is considered as a therapy to their feet. They use to sit in this place and keep their silence. At times exercise is also conducted here for a change. This is not only a change to their eyes but it enriches their mind.

Open Gallery

Another change in place like a gallery members and employees participate on events conducted at small number. Around 300 members can be seated in this facility. Participants can practice in this venue and it is open to sky covered all around. This facility is constructed considering the overall volume of the facility Nandhavanam.

Multi Purpose Play Court

This is a multipurpose play court which can be used for tennis, cricket, shuttle and any other games. When events needs to be conducted in open area or any performances to be done at open place this ground is used. Also this facility is created for the over all capacity of Nandhavanam.

Parlour, Ritual Halls

Members especially male members needed parlour services. Able members are using the facility available within the campus. Immobile members are provided the services within their domiciles. Also members use to go out to parlours at their wish. Logistics are taken care by Nandhavanam. Apart from parlour services Rituals are also done by members. They can do so in any of the open area of Nandhavanam or at closed facility available for this purpose. Necessary arrangements are made by the team for this purpose.


8000 Sq.ft of Kitchen is a true laboratory where all ingredients are properly mixed and heated for best output. So Food is a Medicine. We do only manual cooking to derive the authentic homemade taste. From the first day of our service to till date we have gained highest ranking among members, visitors and guests on our food. Our Kitchen can cater any number of packs per session. Customised food is supplied to members who wanted specific ingredient, diabetic or other needs on medical grounds.

Members Residential Blocks - Names & Number of Domiciles

As on this date we have 8 accommodation blocks completed and the details are provided as follows;

Block No. 38: Kamarajar Block 

Block No. 11: Bharathiyar Block 

Block No. 37 – Vaa Vuu Cee Block 

Block No. 12:  Vu Vey Sa Iyer Block 

Block No. 36 – Thiruvalluvar Block 

Block No. 13 – A P J Abdul Kalam Block

Block No. 34 – Mother Teresa Block 

Block No. 15 – Mahatma Gandhi Block 

Our target is to Develop 28 – Three Storied Accommodation Blocks, with Geriatric Special In house Hospital.

We target to serve 2500 + Members under Twin sharing occupancy.

Note: The First Block is numbered as 11 and the Last Block is numbered as 38 for Intercom Convenience. So there will be 28 Blocks for Members Residence Purpose.

Central Common Facility Blocks

There are 2 Common Facility Blocks with 25000 sq.ft of space designed to cater the needs of elders like Front and Back office, Theater, Indoor Games, Central Food Court, Library, Stores and Multi Purpose Hall.


Block No. 4: Kamban Block 


Block No. 5: Manuneethi Chozhan Block 

Security Lounge

Visitors and guests are received here and after they submit their details they are allowed to visit our facility. Admission is at the sole discretion of the Management. During COVID times they are not allowed inside our facility and Members are allowed for limited time in this lounge by following standard operating procedures like Masking, Social Distancing and Sanitising. Service employees are also allowed after following the SOP.

Front Office

Dedicated front office with administrative staff are placed here. All members visit this office for their requirements. They can also do so with intercom facility. Except situations like COVID times Guest and Visitors are allowed to discuss in this office with our staff. They will be guided with support staff to meet their family members. There are enough area available to handle the future expected full volume of Nandhavanam.


Air-conditioned facility which can be used by around 35 persons at a time. Many social media free to air programs are shown here for the Members to have joint experience with other members for a change. Though everyone is having their smart phone this facility is used for multipurpose like entertainment, presentation and meetings with Members and Staff.

Indoor Games

Table Tennis, Cards, Carom, Chess are some of the games enjoyed by active members. There are other types of games which are conducted during special events. At that time independent and dependent members participate. This hall is also used for small gatherings upto 200 persons. Birthdays and other celebrations are also held here.

Central Food Court

Apart from our Mayans Auditorium, which can also be used for dining after completion of an event, we have central food court which can be used as dining for 150 persons at a time. For logistics convenience this food court is used for providing food to our members immediately after an event since they can’t bear the hunger. They cannot go with general crowd. Our serving staffs know the likes and dislikes of respective members and accordingly they will serve.


Library has huge collection of books and magazines. English and Tamil are the languages for which collections are kept. Periodical magazines are procured and members can walk in and read at the library. They can also take the same to their domiciles. Books can be taken to their domiciles any time and presently this facility is available for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

Convenience Stores

Stores where all provisions and consumer’s needs are kept. The needs of members are fulfilled immediately with available stock in hand. Things are procured well in advance to keep the chain running without break. During rainy, pandemic and lock down periods materials are stocked for a minimum period of two months. Members are supplied for their needs at their door steps within 24 hours if the item is not available in hand.

24 X 7 Dedicated Ambulance Service

In house dedicated ambulance is available to handle the medical emergency 24 X 7. This will help for fast movement of patients and also at toll gates. During lock down period there was restrictions for the vehicle movement and ambulance is allowed at all periods. This ambulance is used not only for patients but also for elders who cannot sit for long time. In such a situation they can lay down in the bed and travel comfortably. Apart from our own ambulance we also have hospital support who provides medical treatment to our members. On our request the hospital will transfer our members along with staff nurse during admission and discharge times.

Travel Support

We have dedicated drivers stationed at Nandhavanam 24 X 7 to handle all emergency travel. Apart from operating our own vehicles, we also have travel support from outside service providers including call taxi operator services. We handle all sort of travel support like pick up, drop, outstation visits etc and arrange travel tickets for all modes of travel.

Separate Dining for Each Block and Each Floor

Each block is provided with one dining in the respective floor. Since we have 7 blocks, at present all having ground floor, we have 7 dining in total to cater the food supply of our Members. At a time 12 persons can dine-in and they will dine-in two slots and comfortably complete their food. They need not walk for long and step out of their Block. Since the dining is available in the same floor, Members need not bother about the summer or rainy season. They can comfortably walk and have their food as per their need. Food is served at their domicile for Assisted living and sick members.

Power Back - Up & EB Supply

At Nandhavanam we have dedicated DG to fill the power failure from Department. This helped the members during rainy or storm times. Nandhavanam is a Under Ground Cable Electricity Environment and there is nothing to be worried during rain or storm. The Management is concerned and particular on this issue. Hence it fully removed the Electricity lines that crossed over the Land  before its commencement.

EB Supply: Presently we have 115 KW EB load for the entire facility. This will cover the loads of all common and members domicile including their Air-Conditioner Usage. Depending on the need this load will be increased. Presently we are having the sufficient load from the government supply.

Programs Organised For Entertainments

Except during Pandemic Periods, Minimum one entertainment per month is organised at Nandhavanam which are performed by artist like classical singers, dancers, instrument artist etc. All the important festivals are celebrated traditionally with special food of such festival.


Well developed and maintained gardens having more than 800 trees and 1500 plants in its campus.

Having Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary nearby Nandhavanam is an attraction and so one could see the birds migration every day which makes the ambiance more pleasant. Nandhavanam has Green surroundings and so it is a less polluted environment.

Living with Nature

Here not only human resides. More than 500 birds, 800 trees and 1500 plants live as a family. The true Thirupalli Ezhuchchi and the Subrabatham is happening every day from the wonderful nature through Birds and Smiling Flowers looking like Nadhaswaragal.

We are getting the yield from Mango, Plantain, Jamoon, Jack Fruit, Coconut, Lime, Sweet Lime, Pomo, Aamla, Sappotta etc.

Parking Facility

Abundant car parking and two wheeler parking space is provided and parking space is also provided for heavy vehicles like lorry, bus and travel vehicles of any size. In the front we have both sides parking facility within the campus monitored by security. We can park more than 300 cars as open car parking. Apart from this the facility also got space in the rear side of the project which is also within its campus. Members who wanted to have their car at our facility may also bring theirs. There is also separate bath room and toilet facilities for drivers at the entrance.

COVID Management

With strict, sincere and cautious effort taken by our Management; as per the directions of WHO and IMA; we are happy to announce that so far no serious case reported under COVID -19 both for Members and Staff except one or two affected in the third wave for couple of days.

All our Members and staff are double vaccinated. Super seniors are provided with booster vaccination. Proper awareness are passed on to them at regular interval including the protocol they need to follow at their house.

We express our sincere thanks to Public Health Center, Keezhperama Nallur, for their wonderful service.

We also thank all our Members, staff, guest and relatives for strictly following our instructions and their cooperation. Special thanks to all our Drivers who took our members to hospitals, crematorium etc during the dark period of COVID.

Last Rites to Demised Members

A separate Block is constructed for keeping demised members till such time their family members reach Nandhavanam. We can keep a demised member for 48 hours and beyond that we take the support from External Hospitals if required. At a time we can keep 6 demised members within our premises.

In case the family members not able to reach or there is no one to do the last rites, our Team does the same. It is guaranteed that the last rites of every demised member are performed with full respect and dignity.

Services and its Ranking

Three important elements of Elders Living are Best Infrastructure, Best Food and Best Health Care. We are ranking at top for the first 2 categories. Once our in-house hospital facility commences, Nandhavanam will be the Best in all three elements. With proper diagnosis by our Doctors, we are achieving the third element from external hospitals supports.

Visiting Doctors & Professionals

Dr. Gokulnath, MBBS, Asst Surgeon , Kancheepuram

Dr. R Sathish Kumar, MBBS, DPM ( Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine)

Dr. Senthamarai Kannan, Physio Therapist, Kancheepuram

Dr. Juli, Physio Therapist, Kancheepuram

Dr. Shajahan Basha, Acupuncture, Chengalpattu


Dr. S Sathyavani, M. D. A. M , Naturopathy

Dr. Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy – Psychiatrist , Shaditya Hospital, Chennai

Dr. Ashok Kumar, ENT Specialist, Kancheepuram

Dr. Thamarai Selvi, General Physician, Kancheepuram

Dr. Hariharan, Neurologist, Kancheepuram

Dr. K. Balakumari, MD, DGO, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Chennai.

Dr. K. Sivakumar, M.D (Gen. Medicine), Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, Chennai

Dr. Arun Prakash – BDS – Dentist – Kancheepuram

Dr. Saiskumar, Cardiologist, Srine Cardiac Center – Kancheepuram

Dr. Sendhilkumaran, Gastroenterologist, KH Hospital, Kancheepuram

Dr. Baskar, Dermatologist, JS Hospital, Kancheepuram

Dr. Mukunthan, Neurologist, KGS Clinic, Kancheepuram

Dr. Anandhi, Dermatologist, Kancheepuram

Tied up Hospitals

Annai Arul Hospital  – Tambaram – Chennai

Shaditya Hospital – Pallavaram – Cehnnai

Life Care Hospital – Kancheepuram

ABCD Hospital – Kancheepuram

Meenakshi Medical College & Hospital – Kancheepuram

Velachery K S Hospital – Chennai

Excellent Care Hospital – Velachery – Chennai

Dr. Kamatchi Memorial Hospital – Pallikkaranai

Vasan Eye Care  – Kancheepuram

APJ Hospital  – Kancheepuram

Concept Homes India Private Limited

The Reality of Dreams

An Indian Company Incorporated During 2004 Under The Indian Companies Act 1956, Having Its Prime Object to Deliver Quality Homes to Class of People.

Having its core principle as quality and comfort, it Started Gaining Goodwill from Its Customers since its Initial Days. Timely Delivery and Post Sale Services along with the Level of Proficiency, Commitment towards Its Swear, Logical and Practical Approach in Solving the Necessities of Customers are few Reason for the Company’s Raising.

Along with the promoters, many good people strengthen the human network which the company builds simultaneously, which is considered to be the strongest power in the world. In each step the company marches forward, there are many supporting heart behind – with out them nothing would be possible.

With the wide range of knowledge and experience the Company has completed sizable projects in Chennai with full customer satisfaction.

Since the year 2010 the Company Diversified its service to Retirement Cum Assisted Living Facility and so the Project Nandhavanam.

Team Concept Homes takes this opportunity to thank all its supporters, well wishers and advisers who adds values ever.

Founder & Vision Architect

Shri. V. Mahaganapathi - Director

Commerce graduated Chartered Accountant with more than a two and half decade of experience in finance, capital budgeting, taxation, corporate consultancy and connected statutory aspects.

His views about Nandhavanam

In his view the middle-class is the segment which rotates the world’s economy and is the largest sector contributing to any development of this world. They are law abiding, principled and by and large straight forward.

Due to multi folded developments in yester years, the joint family living system were broken and became nuclear family system. Children are shuffled left, right center geographically in the race of commercial earning, which resulted in impractical love and care on human life in particular more on seniors. Government policies while focusing in controlling the population, failed to develop a systematic care on elders. Though the overall population is increasing, the ratio of young population is reducing and senior population ratio is growing. Caring work force is reducing year after year. With the privatization of public and government sectors year after year, the hope towards foolproof system which will care the elders would naturally become a day dream.

Elders cannot (also need not) invest huge sum for their accommodation since they need sizable amount to meet their hospital and day to day living expenses. Financial reasons cannot be the excuse for leaving elders un-cared. Caring elders cannot be a choice; rather, it should be the responsibility of human society.

Today there are many reasons why elders are living alone. In olden days elder son was the insurance company and all the family assets were transferred on his name, in turn, elders were taken care by such insurer (son) as return on investment. In the absence of such system, today elders have to plan their retired living securing themselves with “Assisted Living” service providers. It functions on the concept as “YOUR MONEY for OUR SERVICE” and the “DIGNITY” is well maintained.

Comfortable accommodation, Good Food, High Security, Timely Medical Care, Availability of needed facilities and entertainment within premises with affordable pricing should be the solution to elders and it would certainly off load their worries about their future days. This would certainly give self-respect to elders since the cost is met by them. There is no charity and their life is not supported on donations or public money. Such living system and care also satisfies their children, relatives and friends financially, mentally.

His brain child, took birth through Concept Homes India Pvt Ltd., and the reality of dream has become real in the name of “Nandhavanam”. The Board and Team have great pleasure in pledging our support in this prestigious venture

Shri. S. Subramaniyan - Director


Born in Thiruvarur District of South Tamilnadu he has focused his career as an Interior Designer. He has Handled Many Residential and Commercial Projects in India as well as at Gulf. He worked for international companies and gained high level experience in construction technologies and interior designing. After returning from Gulf he took many projects in Chennai as a freelance consultant for projects size ranging between 25 and 200 residential houses and commercial spaces between 50k to 5 Lakhs Sq.ft. With his sound knowledge and experience he became as a Promoter Director with the company, and contributes his expertise along with team of engineers in executing each of its projects. The projects delivered by the Company in the past are testimonies for his Care, Quality and Precision. He handles Project Implementation and Labour Force management and he is best known for his Sincerity, Straight Forwardness and Commitment among Trade Circles.

The project Nandhavanam is one of his milestones which certifies for his professional way of execution and delivery of projects as envisaged in virtual images.

Mrs. B.Diana Brice - Director

A Master Graduate in Commerce and Inter Qualified Chartered Accountant. She handled large and medium size organisations during her CA course and obtained commendable knowledge and experience in Statutory Audits, Management Audits and Statutory Compliance. She heads finance, statutory compliance, Banking, Budgeting, Taxation etc for the Company. She is the promoter Director.

Shri. S. Selvaganapathi - Director


Completed his Diploma In Civil Engineering from Valliammai Polytechnic College – Chennai followed with he also completed Engineering in Civil from Jeruselam College of Engineering – Chennai. He also finished his M. Tech in Structural Engineering in Bharath University. He worked with Chennai based Infrastructure Company in Quality Assurance and Control wing. He was also held the position as supply chain management as well Contract Bills Approving Authority. He took up the Director position with this Company and taking care of quality check and project execution planning relating to the projects of the Company. He also takes care of Administration in relation to Human Resource Management. He is an approved Engineer under the Chennai Corporation.

Shri. C. Bright Gnana Singh
CEO - Nandhavanam

Born in Kanyakumari District, he has graduated in B.Sc (Maths). He started his career with Fisheries Department – TN Govt. and after completing his B.Ed degree he worked as a teacher in a Matriculation School, Chennai and took Mathematics and Physics for Higher Secondary. Later he became the principal of the School. After his Retirement, he supported a Chennai based Private Matriculation school as Academic Adviser. He was also the General Secretary of Tamil Nadu CBSC and Matriculation School Teachers Association for more than 10 years and Executive Committee Member of All India Mathematics Teachers Association for More than 4 years. During his career he has presented paper titled “Mathematics Lab Activities for Better Learning” at 12th South East Asian Mathematics Conference held at Singapore. He is one among the four who were selected to attend this conference from India. He also Co–Authored the “Teachers Hand Book for Standard XI” and conducted many research works sponsored by National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). He was also one among the Members of Syllabus Review Committee – South Zone, NCERT.

His views about Nandhavanam

The recent census indicates, rise in the ratio of elders compared to that of youngsters resulting in drastic reduction in youngsters who has to care the elders. Crimes against elders are increasing which is a worrying truth. This made us to undertake a study on the problems faced by elders. By this study we realized that many elderly parents are forced to live alone as their children are away due to employment.

These elders who live alone find it difficult to engage and manage servant maids, drivers, gardeners etc. Most of the crimes against elders are theft or theft related murder and such crimes are either done by known persons or with the help of servants. This has forced elders, who live alone to look for a secured place to live in. When the age goes they also need assistance for their living and mobility.

While Assisted Living Concept is more popular in western countries, India has not yet thought about its need. This made us to establish “Nandhavanam – The Castle for Dignified Seniors”. Nandhavanam is luxurious accommodation for elders providing all the requirements like food, health care and recreation at an affordable cost. It also provides safe, secured, peaceful, independent and self-esteemed life for elders. Team Nandhavanam will strive hard to keep elders healthy both physically and mentally. I am sure this project will have wide welcome from elders

Review of Prof. M. Ramachandran - Debate Speaker

Sir, the moments, I spent with you in Nandhavanam on 18th of September, 2021, were really momentous. The very name, Nandhavanam, to the castle for the dignified seniors, is apt and relevant .The Nandhavanam provides the seniors with a cool atmosphere, and plenty of fresh air with a lot of oxygen, and, above all, the desired peace of mind. At old age, the seniors can’t wander around, seeking comforts due to certain disabilities. The Nandhavanam gives them all the comforts, they need, in one campus. Your administration is good. Your love for the seniors is commendable.

The very response from the residents to the inaugural function of the new building and to the Pattimandram, related to the function, testifies to the fact, that the residents have great love and regard for you and their Nandhavanam. May God be with you and your noble efforts all through your life.

With regards,

Prof. M. Ramachandran.

Review of Mr. Kumaravel S. - Resident Member

I for one who feels ‘old age homes’ must be a place for relaxation and interacting with people of similar age. For seniors the day ends at 9 pm whereas for youngsters it goes on beyond 1 am. Seniors must allow young people to enjoy their own life wherever they live. NANDHAVANAM takes care of us and assure our kith & kin to feel we are taken care of wholly. I care my life is the motto. Thank you Nandhavanam –  A home away from home.

Review of Ms. Sujatha Subramanian - USA - Sponsor of Member

I contacted the founder Mr.Mahaganapathi through whats-app from US and enquired for my parents. Right from day 1, all our queries were answered immediately and solutions suggested to meet our requirements. I was told that we can take possession around mid September 2021. I planned my trip to India solely based on that word. Despite warnings from friends in India about time commitment not being honored generally, we got possession of our units as promised. The walk through was done very professionally and we have been taken care of very well. Meeting other members who stay here during meal times in cafeteria and talking to them makes me confident that we did the right thing in choosing Nandhavanam! Looking forward to a long and satisfactory life here for my parents! Thanks to everyone in the team here for doing what they do to make the life dignified for the seniors here.

Review of Ms. Radha Jayaraman- Singapore - Sponsor of Member

Beautiful and serene place . Excellent management by the founder and his team . I wish this institute to expand more so that more people can avail of these facilities

Review of Mr. V. Kishore Kumar - Resident Member

My wife and self, recently moved this lovely place and enjoying very good atmosphere from the day one. Free pollution around the areas Very good hospitality throughput the days Very good food for all old age people Taking care of the people around the clock . Totally the best for us.

Review of Mr. Ashok Srinivasan

Mother has been at Nandhavanam for a couple of years now. The Facility is about 10 km from the nearest town of Walajabad, and close to Kachipuram. It is completely enclosed by walls and consists of 7 single story blocks that contains about 15 rooms each. It is about 50 km from Chennai airport. Here are some pros and cons I notice. Pros – (1) appears to be quite safe, especially for walking or wheelchair movement. This gives older folks a safe environment to enjoy the outdoor without worrying about traffic (2) very green and rustic – for folks that may enjoy such serenity. (3) food is very healthy and structured around ayurvedic principles. It is quite tasty at the same time (4) one of the biggest advantages is that ‘attenders’ are hand picked from the local area. The attenders in turn exhibit commitment to their job and there appears to be genuine compassion, at least in the most part. There is also employment longevity (4) management is fairly competent and lay strict rules on attender behavior (such as no acceptance of gifts etc) (5) airport shuttle can be arranged for an added cost through management. This is a big plus for me as my flight lands late at Chennai airport (6) good internet connectivity. This helps me stay in touch via skype when I am overseas and allows me to work when I am visiting. Some of the cons of this place are (1) although emergencies are dealt in nearby hospitals, nearest large hospital seems be Annai Arul – a fair amount of drive (2) the 2 hour drive to Chennai is a bit inconvenient if you need to run errands. (3) if you have multiple unstable medical conditions you might need to evaluate it thoroughly before a move here because there is limited nursing and medical support onsite

Overall, it seems to be a place that seems to be run with diligence and genuine care. The Management office at Chennai is very responsive. It is also easy to consistently reach the on site office by phone/email.

I found Nandhavanam after a fair bit of research. Mother seems to be happy.

Keeping fingers crossed that things stay this way!

Review of Mrs. Anusha Kailasanathan

We moved my mother-in-law to Nandhavanam about 2 years ago after a disastrous experience in Chennai prior to that where she was left poorly fed, anaemic and drugged unnecessarily. It was a big leap of faith to take her to a remote location, isolated from Chennai and in the heart of rural Tamil Nadu. But this was the best decision we made for her. The home is in a quiet location (no loud vendors, honking cars, etc) and provides a high level of personalized service through locally sourced staff such as attenders, cooks and nursing/medical/admin staff. It is close to the historic Pallava capital of Kanchipuram that provides endless opportunities for spiritual exploration as well as enthusiasts of history, culture and architecture. We never get bored of visiting this place to see my mother in law and always discover new treasures in this unassuming place. The home built in the midst of a peaceful rice farming region is a welcome escape from our busy working lives. Before you brush this home aside because of its location, do yourself justice with a trial stay that will give you better insight about whats on offer. The only people who will find this place unsuitable are those who want to cook for themselves or those who need to make frequent long trips for whatever reason. One other thing I want to point out is that many places appear good when you start off but you only discover the problems after you commit. It was the other way round at Nandhavanam. We had a few teething problems at first but these were sorted out professionally and very quickly. And this has been true for any issues we have had over the last 2 years. As far as I am concerned I judge a place by its ability to resolve multiple problems over time. This is a 5 star review evaluated over a 2 year period where we had many ups and downs.

Review of Dr. Prathap Mohana Murthy - Chairman Shadithya Hospital Pallavaram - Chennai

I am a doctor who has worked in the UK for many years in various old age homes. Following my visit, I felt that this place meets international standards in terms of assisted living and caring for older people. Salient features noted; Purpose built spacious rooms for older people, excellent & hygienic food, nice ambiance, caring staffs, good outdoor area with garden. I am sure it would be an ideal place for older people to live and spend the rest of their life. I would strongly recommend it for anyone expecting good quality of life in their old age.

Review of Mrs. Vijaya Ramesh, Wayland, MA, USA


Faithful to its name, Nandhavanam is a beautiful and verdant facility dotted with coconut palms, mango and guava trees and hundreds of flowering shrubs. The double-gated facility is very secure and is monitored by CCD cameras round the clock. The word theft has been successfully erased from Nandhavanam’s vocabulary! The administration is top notch, very centralized and the senior management is involved on the day-to-day operations hands on.


This Institution is run with a missionary zeal. From top to bottom the number one concern of the facility is the welfare of the residents. It is heart warming to see one and all show genuine concern, love, and compassion for the elderly.


The rooms are thoughtfully furnished with built-in spacious closets, and flat screen TV. Each block is complete with a dining hall where residents can meet for meals rain or shine and interact as much or as little as they wish. The facility is very clean and the housekeeping staffs keep the place in tiptop shape.

The room was prepared with attention to fine details and had a set of all essential needs down to a LED flashlight, nail clipper and flip flops to wear indoors! The staff readily and cheerfully assisted in moving and setting our mother’s room. After moving my mother to Nandhavanam, we are totally at peace that our mother will be cared for lovingly and with dignity.


Tasty south Indian vegetarian meals are prepared in a centralized kitchen and brought to each block on time.  The menu changes daily and is prepared in consultation with a dietitian. The dining hall staff keeps an eye on a resident’s food consumption and reports it to the management if the intake drops.  If a resident does not show up for a meal the staff knock on the door to ensure that the resident is all right. I stayed there for 12 days and did not suffer from any GI problem after consuming the food!

Medical Care

Nandhavanam provides an excellent medical infrastructure.  A nurse is on duty 7/24 and a physician from Kancheepuram is always on call.  An internist from the nearest metropolis, Chennai, visits the facility periodically and offers consultation to the residents. An ambulance is primed and ready to take a resident to Kancheepuram at any time of the day. The facility has a block deemed for assisted living, where residents are provided support as needed. Further, occupational care for elderly/disabled members at other blocks is available and is tailored to specific situation. The care providers are very flexible as to the time and level of care.

Review of Mr. Ganapathi (Late)

EntranceVery Impressive
Front OfficeWell Equipped
Architecture & LandscapeModern, Pleasing, Plenty Of Open Air Space & Parks
Colour SchemePleasing To Eye
DomicilesModern, High Class, Hygienic, Insect Free
Furniture & EquipmentsAdequate, Modern And Comfortable
Air- Conditioner & TelevisionWell Provided With DTH Facility
Room ServiceWell Provided, Efficient And Courteous
LightingGood And Adequate
Attending ServantsPolite, Courteous And Efficient
FoodVerity And Good Quality
Food ServicePrompt And Efficient
Market PurchaseDone On Our Behalf
Medical And NursingAdequate
Indoor GamesFully Equipped
Walking Space & Pollution Free AirPlenty
Festivals And CelebrationsRegularly Done
CinemasOnce A Week
Entertainment By Outside ProfessionalsPeriodically Done
Outside VisitsDone As Per Requirements
Sound / BroadcastingGood
Wheelchair FacilityAvailable
Service After LifeExcellent
ManagementHelpful And Non Commercial

My stay in this place for the last two years and eight months is very memorable. Therefore I have decided to continue in this place for the rest of my life. I am very much impressed by the courtesy and helpfulness of all staff under the leadership and guidance of the founder and chairman Shri. V.Mahaganapathi. Special mention should be made of Mr. Bright – CEO, Mrs. Balambigai. I have no suggestions to make. I wish the organisation all the best in future.

Mr & Mrs. Sathyamoorthy, Resident Members


In a nutshell, a home away from home. From the first enquiry on Membership registration and throughout our 18 months stay, our experiences in Nandhavanam have been excellent in every department and section. Our expectations have not been belied even once. Nandhavanam offers service with a smile ingrained into every member of the staff at all times, under every circumstance. Every one of them is loving, caring, respectful, responsible and responsive all the time.


The ambience, atmosphere and location offers zero-pollution, tree and greenery filled atmosphere easier for walking, relaxing and meditation.


The balanced, health conscious food is ideal and suitable for senior citizens and ensures good health. The variety is also coupled with good taste.

Medical Care

The medical support is also ideal and satisfactory.


The regular, periodic entertainment and cultural programmes including the weekly movie is a perfect stress buster even when it is not actually needed since there is so much peace and tranquility here, where is the question of stress?

Mr. Suresh Prasad Sinha, Trial Stayed Member - Bihar

  1. Well protected and well planned old age home for the old people.
  2. The campus is planned in such a way that keeps the living persons here relaxed and happy.
  3. The way of treatment by the management here by every attendant is praise worthy.
  4. The quality of food is very much for old people.
  5. I would like to praise Mr. Bright CEO, who is involved in every work from morning to night.

Review of Mrs. Saroja Ganapathi – Resident Member


Got good impression about nandhavanam through internet. Joined two and half years back without much expectations. But today i am happy to say that god has selected a best place for me and my husband to live peacefully the end portion of our life. My special thanks goes to the founder chairman Shri. Mahaganapathi, who even though young, he thought of creating this heaven like castle for senior citizens taking in view each and every want the people have as they grow older.


Nandhavanam ladies staff are trained so well to deal all even with few difficult and moody people. They handle each and every person very politely and serve with a smiling face. Thanks to Mrs. Bala for domestic care.


Festivals are attended by head office staff with their family also. They come to nandhavanam and mingle with the members and create a family atmosphere. Nandhavanam glitters with lights and colours on festival days. CEO Mr. Bright is the pillar supporting nandhavanam. May god shower all his blessings on the nandhavanam team to prosper more and more.

Review of Mrs. Malathi Mohan , Retired professor


A fort in the midst of green fields, a fort in colours of yellow and rust, standing royally in tune with its rustic surroundings and a fort that is called “ A castle for dignified seniors” , a retirement home which rejuvenates it’s members, whatever be their age, that is Nandhavanam.


Nandhavanam is a Brindavanam. A place where the members are treated with dignity in life, in illness and in facing their sunset bravely

Review of Dr. Viji - Mumbai – Daughter of a Resident Member


Thank you Mr. Ganapathy. It was really a great pleasure to have met you and now and rest assured they I have brought Amma to the best place. She is rest happy and she met more ladies today and they all have extended their hand to help her. May God give you all the strength to achieve great success. Definitely this is a great service to our elders that means service to God.

Review of Mr. & Mrs. Viswanathan

We would like to thank the management for providing us with an alternative home away from home where we are able to lead a carefree, leisurely & peaceful life. May God shower His special blessings upon Nandhavanam.  We both thank God for helping us to find NVM. We have been extremely happy in these two years, thanks to the Team NVM whose constant effort is to keep all of us happy & active. We pray to the Almighty that NVM should prosper beyond all our expectations & provide support & succour to the elderly in their twilight years. May Sri Ma shower Her blessings on you all.  It’s so very nice of you to think of presenting new clothes for members, year after year, something that will never happen in any other community. We pray to the Almighty that NVM should prosper beyond all our expectations & provide support & succour to the elderly in their twilight years. God bless u all.

Opinion of Members, Guest and Visitors at Nandhavanam



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