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Education system detaches the young from their family and consequently the emotional binding is detached. Unbalanced education system creates unbalanced earning opportunity. This imbalance increases the stress level of both employed as well as unemployed resources

Employment system pull’s children away from home town and their fear about job security make them to ignore care for their own family members’

Women employment which evolved from home to paddy fields to corporate office to outstation office and to out-of-countries created scarcity of care for elders at home

Decreasing size of family – from 6 or 7 to 3 or 4(including parents) members in a family

Decreasing birth ratio results in more number of elders and less number of young people. Even when the government promoted for smaller family system, it failed to anticipate or to provide a security system in the area of elders care

Increased cost of living, new life style, increasing diseases, short supply of doctors, time to be spent on social connections & gatherings, impatience, ego, social status, etc. are among the many reasons for a person to be selfish

Now-a-days, one can get million voices over social web sites; but physical gathering of 10 people for a social cause is highly remote. It will be certainly difficult for a person to take half-a-day leave from office even to one self

People in India who work for MNCs sleep only during day time. A day of rest is the highest priority of the young working segment. They live with stress and gadgets

Extended Office follows in the form of laptop and smart phones; peaceful and calm time can be had only if there is luck

All this is being transformed to elders who live at home and without even realizing they ignore the elders

6 thoughts on “Reasons for Shrinking Care On Elders”

  1. Every word of the article needs to be read with concern and should make the younger generations think of a workable solution… Perhaps the only expectation of elders in majority cases is some interaction and a feeling of togetherness from their children…

    People advocate senior citizens to practice “Attachment in detachment”, which is almost impossible to implement, because both are contradictory to each other… While this is not a pessimistic approach, one can only feel that reconciling with prevailing situation is the only solution…

  2. It is true.. children r going to fetch jobs to faraway cities and countries.. so they r enable to take care of their parents in their old age.. in that age only parents need support.. the govt r society should take care of senior citizens.. who parted from their childern

  3. First of all the ” kutumb” system of family life has changed due to the present demand of life cycle,and the private players with little incentive try to extract/squeeze the maximum out of their employees leaving the youngsters mind set & less time to provide for their seniors..

  4. Children are always busy with their work, if they can spare sometime with their parents and inquire about their needs the elders feel happy.

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