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It is known fact that our fore parents had minimum more than 10 children. This is only the numbers relating to survived kids. Our parents had 3 to 4 children. Now the family means father mother and a kid. That too it is not simple even to have a single child.

Women are finding it difficult to even bear the process.  Every pregnant lady should cross frequent checkups and they need to take different medicines to have a successful carrying period. In some cases the pre delivery expenses alone crosses lakh of rupees. Post delivery on the other hand again is a painful crossing and finally growing a child is very complicated and difficult, considering the level of medical problems prevailing today.

Both mother and child needs periodical medical test and observation and they need proper counselling and planning to have a child. It is more complex than getting married. One have to decide considering their physical ability, employment security, financial security, marital life continuity, Travel, International Trips, Higher Education, Departments Study, New Assignments etc. While health is one issue, economic issue is the other issue.

It is so surprising to know; how our fore parents could have crossed their life with their kids and grand children in higher numbers. Surprisingly in some family the numbers crossed even hundred for three generation. We use to joke and refer a family as “village” for the number of children and grand children they had. It is also a fact that mother and daughter use to delivery same time.

Nature is transforming so dramatically and it is very interesting to know that small creatures deliver thousand of babies at a time, like mosquito, frog, fish, ants, etc. In another category some animals deliver more than one baby at a time but less in numbers like, lion, cat, dog, pig, rat, rabbit etc. Another type of animals delivers only one baby at a time and in its life time it use to deliver 5 to 10 babies (appx.) like goat, cow, elephant, monkey etc. Some of the plants deliver only one baby in life time and after the delivery the mother dies like plantain tree. Some other category of creatures delivers many but dies thereafter (Semelparity).  Human who is evolved from the nature and had the capacity of delivering single baby at a time (very rarely more than one) are biologically capable of having offspring many times over the course of their lives (iteroparity).

With the above we can understand the today’s mother is deteriorating from their ability, power and deliverable capacities and so delivering a single baby becomes more complicated. Family planning awareness promoted by the government was gone. On the other hand there are mushrooming fertility centres for to have a single child. Our mothers dropped to 1 plus capacity from 10 plus capacity.

What is the reason for it?

We can say the first reason as correction done by the nature itself! The food requirement for each animal varies from its type. The ecological balance was so good to have right number of animals, forest area, grass area and water sources to keep the balance intact. None of the animal or species crossed their boundaries for its survival. Human population developed so rapidly and it started eating everything and so the balance got disturbed. Tones and Tones of meat, rice, wheat, fish, chicken are consumed in a day and it becomes a threat to our environment. Now we don’t have naturally growing food and we happen to produce food through technology. We need to grow chicken, we need to grow fish and cattle for our food requirement apart from agriculture products. All the living life we saw in the past has become as human population largely and the eco system is almost disturbed.

Animal reaches farm land and residential areas for food and water. Birds migrate far away to have its food. Cattles and birds search food in garbage dumping yards. Our land lost its natural character and there is nothing but fertiliser soil. No insect or earthworm is living now. During ploughing time we can see birds following the tractor for the search of insects. We make everything artificial to compensate the loss we made in the past. Food is grown out on fertilisers, air is polluted, we eat imported food more than the native foods, water is polluted, river sands are looted, precooked foods and preserved etc. slowly spoiled the ability of human mainly to our mothers who are already weak in physic. On top of it their employment stress plays a significant roll. This directly affects the birth rate.


By 2050 we will have only large number of elders than the young people. More deaths will happen due to disasters, medical issues, care issue etc. This symptom – our mothers unable to have more children – is the first step towards the great disaster. Only after reducing the human population by nature, the normalcy will be restored. Unfortunately we are in the bad time where human fail to respect the nature.

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