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Technology gave us lot, both for the development and for the damages. While to some extent technology helped us in leading a decent lifestyle, the same technology gave us lot of side effects and damages and to the earth. Let us take those simple areas for understanding

Invention of Powered tools and heavy equipments

Deforestation, mining like sand, granite, coal, exploring gas and oil etc. in abandon than the need. With technology production is increased. This results in over supply of goods which are not needed at this point of time. Those unnecessary productions are to be used for future if not done today. This results in great discounting of our earth’s life.

Development of social medium like whatsApp, facebook etc.

Decreasing social gathering. People talk to their neighbour in whatsApp. People lost their taste of seeing the nature and outer world by focusing only on smart phones. Children used to fight for window seats when they travel. Today their interest is only on e-games.

Bringing drinking water through pipes to home

Loss of lakes and tanks. Respect on Water sources totally lost. The safeguarding mind which prevailed in the past is not found nowadays. Every water sources are polluted.

Construction of Dams

Apart from creating enmity with our neighbouring state or country, we developed dry rivers and losing ground water table. Dams should release water evenly to allow the water to percolate to increase the water table and balancing the ecological system.


We lost the personal touch with others. Internet brought every wanted and unwanted items without our permission on our hand. Mostly it affected the young world. Cyber crimes are mushrooming all over the world. No guarantee for privacy. With too much of information available on internet the authenticity is lost. Freedom of expression is highly misused.

Mass Production

Food and materials are wasted. More the agricultural waste more the fertilisers used on top soils. We have poultry waste, food waste, iron waste, chemical waste, ceramic waste, glass waste, plastic waste etc. With new types of diseases many medicines are disposed off every year after its production. This results in chemical pollution to the soil.

Easy Financing / Plastic Money

Overstocking, unnecessary investments, maintenance and wasting things without even using it. Private two wheeler and four wheeler growth resulted in spoiling the nature, traffic congestion, more accidents, high level air pollution, large number of people visiting temples and tourism spots whereby the surrounding places are fully spoiled with waste materials, plastics and sewage.

More production and more sales  

No one is available for service and its reuse. All are made as use and throw types. Frequent upgrades in models give short life to our investments. Many times even working condition equipment is exchanged for a new release.

Online World

Many of the call centre facilities are not allowing for direct speak with customer support officers. We happen to spend more than 5 to 10 minutes to reach a person to speak to them over voice. Every time we need to explain the story since different persons answers our call. No responsibility is taken while we make the complaint except with a reference number for our call. Sometime after hearing our grievances they ask us to visit the nearest branch for solving the issue. The personal one to one service is totally lost.

Fast food and multi cuisine restaurants

Obesity, Blood Pressure, Sugar etc. resulting in shrinking life with multiple medical issues.

Invention of Domestic appliances

We became sick and we spend time and money for fitness


There are many such setbacks and negative results. We need technology for better management of life and not for exploiting environment and humans. We need to avoid unnecessary things and unwanted technology to help our earth live for long.  Else it will behave like a slow poison and correct us by taking our life through disasters.