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Many have faced issues with elder’s management at home. Either the family member was affected with COVID or their elders. The wave 2 was more serious then compared with wave 1. It was also expected that the wave 3 will create more damages then compared with wave 2. However the impact of Wave 3 though it spread too fast and infected many there is no serious damage made on life. However it is important to plan our living pattern in advance before any damages hits our family anytime.

Some of the family takes care of their family elders with resident attendants. Due to lock-down and mobility restrictions their staff support could not be continued. We are getting calls for short stay requirement and also for life time membership options. Some of them who are affected with COVID and needed post recovery support they approach  Nandhavanam.

Some of our members took right decision immediately after COVID-19 first wave and they are well settled at our facility Nandhavanam.  We are operating on full occupancy and we increased another 20 domiciles under independent living category. We are accepting new membership for the enhanced capacity and so we advice the needed person to approach our sales team to understand the availability and book their domiciles for a peaceful journey in life.  With proper planning one can lead a peaceful life.

  1. All our elders are double vaccinated already including the booster dose for eligible super seniors
  2. All our employees are double vaccinated already
  3. Our facility does not allow visitors, guest, new members, trial stay etc during epidemic periods and it completely shuts it s doors for outsiders. Please check with our team before you plan to visit Nandhavanam.
  4. Our staffs is daily monitored on their health and all preventive and precautions are taken to isolate / quarantine the employee for minimum 14 days if they are found to be symptomatic.
  5. Members are monitored daily morning and night and if any deviations found on their health proper precautions are taken to isolate / quarantine the member for minimum 14 days if they are found to be symptomatic.
  6. As on this date our members / staff are not affected or infected with COVID seriously except one or two in the third wave of Omicron . Since our facility is located in rural area we are comparatively safe then compared with urban facilities.
  7. We have highly experienced resident staff nurses and visiting doctors to monitor the day to day developments and steps taken in right time prevents many complications.
  8. All our staff are provided with health tablets, preventive medicines and ayurvedic kashayams at regular intervals and they are educated with the seriousness of COVID-19 and the precautions that should be taken at weekly staff meetings.
  1. Elders could not be taken care within their house due to lack of manpower and expertise
  2. Employees don’t attend duty due to lock down / mobility issues
  3. Employees discontinue their service due to fear of infection
  4. Individuals do not have various hospital contacts for any emergency admissions and so the elders are kept unattended at right time
  5. No visiting doctors possible as house visits.
  1. It is an approved facility by Govt and it comes under essential services.
  2. Anytime hospital admission and ambulance movement is permitted.
  3. Continued care service in the absence of some employees goes on leave.
  4. Visiting doctors, resident staff nurses and attender does their job without any break. This reduces maximum complications.
  5. Day to day operations is not affected like procurement, supply system, health care, medical care and hospital care.
  6. All services including the last rites are performed with full dignity to elders.
  1. They should have been vaccinated minimum twice and should follow the schedule of booster dosage.
  2. They should function independently for their day to day living without seeking any assistance from employees
  3. They should not be bed ridden or undergone any operation / surgery / medical procedures which requires medical attention on 24 X 7 basis
  4. No short stay option available and it is stopped due to COVID
  5. Trial stay option is available with conditions for minimum 3 days and maximum 7 days
  6. Waiting period 1 month to maximum 3 months

What is the present state of virus spread?

Nandhavanam is safe and there is absolutely nothing to worry or panic. Except one or two getting affected with Omicron who was treated for three days in house things are well with in the control.

How safe is nandhavanam?

Nandhavanam is situated in a rural environment and location with clean environment. We don’t have social gathering unlike in city and our visitors are allowed only with prior appointments always. Further we stop visitors, guest to Nandhavanam as part of our precautions during peak times of pandemic. Hence we maintain high alert in order to keep the issue away from us.

Nandhavanam is a gated community functioning on the rural employment. Our employees are not commuting on public transport and they are disconnected from day to day city crowd. They come by walk from their house and one on one monitoring is done by Management with its staff nurse on station. Any pandemic disease has very minimal impact in rural areas is the proven statistics worldwide.  The below google picture shows the gated campus of Nandhavanam and the village Keelperamanallur from where our employees are coming for day to day work. All our staff are either resident managers or come by their own transport. Nandhavanam spreads the awareness among all which is an advantageous for the rural people to be hygiene and clean.

Do you practice screening system for the visitors and staff?

Yes we keep practicing this as part of our protocol and we are doing the screening to all employees, management visitors every time they enter our premises.

What preventives you have taken to stop spreading the virus?

  • Washing hands with soap at the entry itself
  • Alerting every one hour to all staff and members to wash their hands
  • Spreading the tips issued by WHO one to one talk
  • Use of mask and glove by the attending staff
  • Maintaining the required distance between two persons
  • Cleaning of equipment and tables at regular interval
  • Covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing
  • Every preventives which are known to the management

What steps taken to maintain the hygiene of the environment?

  • Disposing of garbage at regular interval and firing it.
  • Using closed dustbin and clearing the same every two hours
  • Moping the floors with soap oil and phenol regularly
  • Advising members to stay at their domiciles and maintain distance between two persons
  • Washing the vessels and equipment with soap oil and in normal water
  • Keeping things on direct sunlight

How you handle the regular patients who are having other health issues?

We are having our own visiting doctors, physiotherapist, staff nurse etc. we also have our own tied up hospitals in Kanchipuram and in Chennai. Our ambulance and staff will take care of their regular health care depending on the situation and no public transport is used for this purpose. It is the routine process team Nandhavanam does it for the past 9 plus years. By and large the in house medical care takes place and for few members we take them to our tied up hospitals. We also take online consultation with doctors and hospitals during non mobile period.

Have you conducted awareness meeting among the members and staff for them to follow the preventives and care?

Yes. We educate every individual of our facility whether they are members or our staff how to handle the situation. Do’s and Don’ts are explained in their known language. Periodical meetings are conducted with distance among staff and they are explained not to panic but to be preventive on this issue.

What steps taken to restrict the visitors / guest to Nandhavanam during peak period of COVID?

  • No Members are allowed to go out of Nandhavanam
  • All the absent members are called back to settle in Nandhavanam
  • Management reserves the right to stop anyone entering Nandhavanam including its members
  • No visitors, guest are allowed to see the Members
  • General Visitors and staff are allowed after thermal screening and hand wash process.

What steps taken for supply chain management like food etc?

  • We always maintain one month essential provisions as stock
  • As part of our strategic plan we increase the stock levels for next three months depending on the need.
  • We also have supply chain from the local village so no need to worry if there is logistics issues on supply
  • All other supplies are regularly refilled sufficiently

What steps are being taken for supply chain management for day to medicines etc?

  • There is no issues in medicines supply
  • However we stock all essential medicines for general health related matters like Fever, Body Pain, Cough, Diarrhea etc.
  • We are closely monitoring the health issues of every individual from staff to members and taking necessary steps immediately. As of now there is no issues at all as everyone is knows about the spread of the virus.