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2023 - December Arts Festival Season 2

Smt. Suchithra Balasubramanian Vocal

Miss. V U M Ayswarya Vocal

Mr. Madurai Muthu Speech

Prof. M. Ramachandran Pattimandram

Prof. G. Gnanasambandan Speech

Mr. P. Manikandan Speech

திருமதி சுசித்ரா அவர்களின் வாழ்த்து
திரு மதுரை முத்து அவர்களின் வாழ்த்து
திரு மணிகண்டன் அவர்களின் வாழ்த்து
திரு கு. ஞானசம்பந்தன் அவர்களின் வாழ்த்து

Mrs. Padma & Mr. Jagadeesan  – Relatives

Congratulations and Appreciation to VMG and each and every staff team of Nandhavanam for their excellent planning, dedication and flawless execution of the December Arts Festival Season-2 ( DAF-2).

The very moment one enters the Nandhavanam Campus, one could feel the festive vibes with the decorative outlook all-around.

Each and every program was a well thought out, Best in class in it’s category, and led by Very well-known Personalities. Each day was filled with Melody, entertainment, and thought-provoking discussions. The in-house food, the care and love with which it was served also added to festive flavour. It was a seamless flow of celebration.

May God bless VMG and the entire team of Nandhavanam to grow more and more, from strength to strength in sharing, caring, and spreading happiness.


Mrs. Dhanalakshmi & Mr. Sathyamoorthi  – Member Nandhavanam

Congratulations Team Nandhavanam for the successful completion of the second edition of VMG’s cherished annual project December Arts Festival. It was three days of exhilarating liveliness reverberating with music – vocal and instrumental, debates talks, humour. The light music programe was singularly brisk and energising, immersed in melody.
A refreshing break for one and all from the routine regularity of daily activities. Our sincere whole-hearted appreciation to Team Nandhavanam, each and everyone of the staff and management, for organising the three day marathon with such care, finesse and meticulousness keeping the comfort of one and all in mind. Kudos for the exceptional organisation and coordination at all levels and the untiring efforts and cooperation of every single staff member. Congratulations once more. Prayers that Nandhavanam grows from strength to strength, year on year, spreading the canopy of care and concern with unfailing continuous commitment. God be with you all.

Mrs. Saroja Ganapati – Member Nandhavanam

My friend Dhanalakshmi has written beautifully covering the whole December Art Festival Season . I entirely agree with her. Now left very little for me to say are Highlights of the festival . Views from my side. Starting from the main comes First. Is very beautiful and colourful welcome kolams by our talented ladies staff. At night NVM was shining with glittering variety of colorful lights All together it was a palace with heavenly look. .Then coming to the main place Mayaan Hall The temple concept of stage background was a rare decoration thought of NVM management added to the photos on the walls all over of great legends and stalwarts of their art and culture telling us all about them for us to recollect. All this views of our management team showed a different angle of high caliber to this year’s Decoration. Thanks to VMG and team. Coming to to next point Programs of different arts and different artists creating variety of entertainment as usual. Coming to the very most important point.: “CATERING” This year it was entirely undertaken by NVM showing our home made is far better and of high quality then outside food. This department worked day and night under the guidance and administration of Ms. Balaambika. Thanks a lot and appreciation to her. Our happiness was for the gathering of the whole management team with their family mixing with all the members and creating a family feeling for them also. On the whole we all had a three days bonanza and are yet to come out of that and settle down to our normal life. May God shower His blessings on NVM and Team to prosper more and more and keep this family atmosphere within the Heavenly Castle. Merry Christmas and Advance HAPPY NEW YEAR.!!

Mrs. Prema Ramakrishnan – Member Nandhavanam

Hello Nandhavanam team. Good Job and beautiful decoration. Excellent team work. Great program all the 3 days 👏. God bless you all. Happy new year to all.

Mrs. Visalam Sooryanarayanan  – Member Nandhavanam

December Art Festival, Season 2.
From the gate to Auditorium was decorated with beautiful, glittering colorful lights. The stage has decorated like grand palace with beautiful colorful flowers. My personnel views, all the programes were soooper. I enjoyed each& everything as if my son or daughter’ marriage. I cann’t express in words. For the last 2months Vmg, Mr.Gopi, Mrs.Bala and other staff were working so hard without break. Hats of to the kitchen ladies who prepared delicious food for all the members & guests. I thank dining staff also. Lastly I want to say great thanks to Mr.Mahaganapathy, Mrs.Bala, Mr.Gopi and all other staff to make this function very beautifully& successfully. Thanks again.🙏👏

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