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2022 - December Arts Festival Season 1

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival 2022 Season 1 – Event 1 – Mangala Isai – Nadhaswaram

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival Season 1 – 2022 – Pattimandram Headed by Sivakasi Prof. M. Ramachandran

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival Season 1 – 2022 – Bharatha Natyam

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival Season 1 – 2022 – Carnatic Classical Vocal By RP Shravan

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival Season 1 – 2022 – Karutharangam

Nandhavanam December Arts Festival Season 1 – 2022 – Light Music By Super Singers

Guest Mrs. Mythili Suresh

Debate Speaker Shri. Arul Prakash

Guest Shri. K K Murgan

Guest Mridhangam Vidhvan

Parent Mr. Natesan Bangalore

Flute Artist Mr. Natraj

Member Mrs. Visalam

Violin Vidhvan Mr. V. Suresh

Mrs. Visalakshi Chandramouli – Relative.

Dear Team Nandavanam,

I wish to register my views in respect of programmes held during DAF season-1. Due to some health issues, I couldn’t attend the function. But I watched the programmes from the beginning till the end and enjoyed very much. The videos and photos are wonderful. Especially Light music. It was mind blowing performance. Flute played by Mr. Jai for chittukuruvi song is superb and the songs adaludan, ennadi rakkamma induced anyone for dancing. All the events are superb. The programmes were well organised by the team. To my knowledge no other elders care homes have conducted this kind of programme.  This is one of the uniqueness of Nandhavanam. You plan professionally for the better living standards of elders. In total this DAF season-1 ended in grand manner and I pray God that it shall continue to be great hit in future also in the same spirit. I wish you and your team all success.

Mrs. Meera Vasudevan – Member

Msahaganapathy  sir is  always  very witty  outspoken  highly   knowledgeable  and so many  credits  we can add up to  him.

 Now only his  music  talent has come  out. very nice to hear    him  singing  and to  see  the  made  for  each other couple   on the  stage. God  bless.

Mrs. Susheela Srinivasan – Member

Mahaganapathi sir….. you are a good singer too. No words  to add.

Mrs. Saroja Ganapati – Member

Even though we have heard Mahaganapathi sir singing before.,this particular  song dedicated romantically to his  beloved wife Diana mam  and sung melodiously with the support accompaniment of high class artists has brought out his music talent also along with already so many others to his credits . This was a pleasant surprise on the eve of December Arts Festival Season 1. With thanks and cheers VMG sir.

We the members of Nandhavanam were very lucky this year to enjoy a December Arts Festival like Chennai within our Nandhavanam Castle  Campus itself, without any travelling discomforts and time management  etc.  All the programs were of very high calibre and kept us all glued to our seats till the end. We have yet to come out from the fairy land enjoyment and atmosphere of three days gift given to us by the whole management team lead by founder Mr. Mahaganapathi with Administrative officer Mrs. Balambika and Other officer Mr. Gopi with their full team of staff. My Heartfelt Thanks goes to them with prayers to God to shower HIS  blessing on Nandhavanam to prosper more and more  GOOD LUCK to our beautiful castle Nandhavanam .HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 .!!

Mrs. Prema Ramakrishnan – Member

Great 👍 work by the founder and the officers and team of Nandhavanam.  Thank you for giving us a wonderful 😀 time. God bless all

Ramakrishnan and R. Indira – Guest of Member

Shri Mahaganapathi,

I received an Invitation from my sister Ramani staying in room 1201 a fortnight back asking me and my wife Smt. Indira to come to Nandhavanam to participate in the December Arts Festival Season 1 for three days on 24th 25th and 26th Dec with programme details such as Nadhasvaram, Baradhanatiyam, Pattimanram, carnatic vocal music, Karutharangam and Light music. Rendition of song chinnanchiru kiliye was superb.

We three enjoyed the above programme and we are sure that every visitor would have enjoyed above performances.

I could not find apt words to admire the way above cultural festival was organised with beautiful lighting by you Chief Sri Mahaganapathi and your  team members.

I want to conclude that Nandhavanam is not simply senior citizen’s Home but it is no doubt  a PARADISE for them to live with all comforts.

Best of Living for ever

Mrs. Visalam Suryanarayanan – Member

First I have to thank Mr. Mahaganapathi, Mrs.Bala, Gopi all staff, workers. I have enjoyed these 3days programmes so much. Nearly for 3 months they were working day & night for this event. Great. Hats off to them. I wish all of them.

Last day light music programme was fantastic & very very nice. God bless all of them. Again thanks so much for management. Awaiting for Next December Cultural Programme.

All the photos of all events shot beautifully, all are enjoying, dancing. All have seen these Great artists directly & now by these beautiful, colrful photos. Everyone have enjoyed all the programmes. The festivals arranged by management is fantastic. No words to say. Each day members sat for 4 hours to enjoy & engage them, specially last day light music, sat for above 5 hours. Nobody knows how the time fly. The young talented singers, when they are singing all the members went back with the film picturisation. Again thanks so much to the management arranged this lovely& beautiful events. We are expecting more like this. Godbless all of them👏💐👌

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi and Mr. SathiyaMoorthy – Members

A totally immersive three days of Iyal Isai Natyam….Kalai Vizha.

The Nandhavanam December Arts Festival of music dance and literary discourses was a festive bonanza that kept us all enthralled.

We are all energised for the year ahead in mind and spirit with the snacks during every session revitalising the body. It is amazing how every minute detail has been attended to, attention given to each anticipated possibility, including transporting us members and guests from our doors to Maayan’s Auditorium and back. All this despite the showers that tried to play spoilsport but failed through and through.

The commitment, dedication and the drive of each and everyone of the staff and management to make this Festival happen is amazing. The inspiring vision, leadership and guidance of all those at the helm was felt so completely, in no small measure.

Kudos Team NVM for making it all happen. God be with all, now and always. A big thank you 😊

Gorgeously lit up and decked out Nandhavanam in all its glory is a treat to behold, a blessing to be a part of….


Prof. M. Ramachandran – Debate Speaker

We reached Tenkasi safely and on time. The four days we spent in Nandavanam will be unforgettable.

All days do dawn. But, only a few days do dance in our heart.

Those four days will be cherished all through our life. The multiple artistic treat was really great.

Cuckoos sang. Peacocks danced. Parrots spoke.

It was a divine experience for the inmates of Nandhavanam and also the guests.

The love and affection, you and Diana, exhibited towards us is just the reflection of god’s grace.

God bless your Nandavanam. Thanks.

Prof. Neelakandan – Debate Speaker


நல் உள்ளங்களின் வேடந்தாங்கல். நந்தவனம் எனும் இல்லத்தில் ஒரு நாள் தங்கினேன். இப்போது நந்தவனம் நிரந்தரமாய் என் உள்ளத்தில் தங்கிவிட்டது. இயற்கைச்சூழல், இனிய அரவணைப்பு. சுவையான உணவு, சுகமான பொழுது. மகிழ்ச்சி.

வாழ்த்துக்களுடன் முனைவர் சா.நீலகண்டன், திருச்சி.

Mr. Kumaravel – Member

I am here for more than 4 years. They say that icaremylife. But in true sense they care our life. There are four categories of rooms available for members. Nandhavanam is a true castle for “Dignified Seniors”. Living here is makes us highly dignified with the care and love they extend on us. Nandhavanam is a nice place spread in 15 acres of land with more number of trees and gardens which is highly suitable for senior citizens. Those who love to have friendship and lead a calm life will enjoy this facility.  I appreciate their hard work in bringing DAF every year which is a feast to all. Best wishes.

Mrs. Hema – Daughter of Member

There is no time like December to be in Chennai if one enjoys music, dance, drama and such performing arts. Amidst the pleasant climate, the buzz of the performing arts is all around. In as much as the sheer talent, dedication and the star power of the artists venerates and celebrates the divine during the Margazhi season, there is equal contribution from the rasikas who nurture these events by flocking to them, both to enjoy them and to express their critical appreciation.

The thousands of performances around the city are for everyone and give opportunities to the up and coming artists to test their skills before discerning audiences. Many of them allow free entry while some are ticketed. The Chennai sabhas also give opportunity to the rasikas to sample the delicacies laid out by the prominent caterers of the city, with mutual benefits of enjoying good food/exposure to potential clientele. It is a massive series of events that the city has been holding successfully for about a century now.

In this background, when one looks at the December Arts Festival (DAF) at Nandhavanam, one can truly appreciate the thought behind it and the efficient execution too. In addition to music and dance, there is debate and discussion showcased too. While the Nandhavanam team makes it look easy, the preparation for the 3-day event at Nandhavanam could possibly be anything but that – teams start preparations to invite the artists, guests, members and of course the staff themselves, months in advance. Preparing the venue, arranging for treats and meals, adding fun touches to the event to make it special for attendees, etc. – their hard work comes together very well.

The 2022 version of DAF was the full package with six different events at Nandhavanam. All these are recorded on video and still photos and published on the facility’s social media. The variety ranged from Nadaswaram to classical vocal to Bharathanatyam to light music to debate to discussions. It was great to see the artists reciprocate the warmth of their hosts, by showcasing their talents with full gusto. The audience consisting mainly of the Nandhavanam members, truly appreciated the performances. It was also a treat to their families visiting them.

The senior citizens, who would have attended so many of these during their active lives may not be to keen to go the sabhas now, with their crowds and assorted logistics issues. But staying put in Nandhavanam, they get the opportunity to enjoy a slice of the season from the comfort of their familiar surroundings. The staff takes care to ensure that the members’ food and other routines do not get disturbed during the event. On one of the rainy mornings, the staff went around the domiciles in a car, ferrying members to the venue.

Kudos to Mr. Mahaganapathi and his dedicated team for pulling off DAF 2022 so well and here’s wishing them more power to continue to do it, year after year, delighting Nandhavanam members and their families.


It was indeed a great pleasure to get a wonderful audience to present our dance program. NANDAVANAM is not just the name it is indeed a place where lord krishna lives. We had a wonderful experience to showcase our talent to a great audience. The compotes members were too courteous and pleasing. Our performance was well appreciated too. I wish that the team sees more success in the years to come. We wish to always be a part of this place throughout our life. Thank u once again

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