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Know Your Cost – FY 2017 – 18

Membership Category Area (Sq.ft.) Sharing Pattern Joining Fee* Refundable Deposit* Monthly Charges*
Silver 250 Twin 75,000 4.75 Lakhs 9,616
Gold 250 Single 1,05,000 9.50 Lakhs 11,443
Diamond 500 Twin 1,05,000 9.50 Lakhs 11,443
Platinum 500 Single 2,10,000 19.00 Lakhs 15,096

Life Time Membership is also available at Lower Refundable Deposit with Higher Monthly Charges.

* Conditions Apply

  • Silver and Diamond membership (Twin Sharing) is applicable only for relatives/ couples/ friends
  • The Tariff Mentioned Above is Applicable for Lifetime Membership Only
  • Amount Shall be Payable Per Person in Indian Rupees
  • The deposit and joining fee is revisable every April (Applicable only for new Membership)
  • Monthly Charges Exclude Electricity Bill, Laundry, Personal Expenses
  • Tariff is Inclusive of Taxes and Shall be Revised Hereafter from the Date of Change in Tax
  • Increase in Monthly Maintenance Cost at the Rate of 12% (Excluding Taxes) Shall Prevail for Three Years (i.e. 2015-2018)
  • Trial Stay Option Available for a Maximum Period of Seven Days

Charges Transparency

Nandhavanam takes into account the importance of financial burden on the overall cost of every elder. Since commercial service is adopted to maintain their Dignity and Social Status, it has been decided by the Management, as part of respecting the elders, to extend certain Concessions for the services and facilities provided inside Nandhavanam either within the package or at reduced cost.

Charges Includes

  • Doctors Consultation Fee (General Physician)
  • Staff Nurse Charges
  • Domicile Service to Ailed Members
  • Fitness Classes by Professionals
  • Lab Test – 5 Times in a Year (General Category)
  • In house Hospitalisation Care (Free Till Life Time)
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Common Electricity Cost
  • Television Cable Connection to Rooms
  • In-campus Conveyance

Charges Includes

  • Ritual Performing Hall Usage
  • Banking Services*
  • Online Tracking
  • SMS Alerts
  • Swimming Pool Usage
  • Internet Usage
  • Shuttle services from Nandhavanam to Kancheepuram & Chennai*
  • Library
  • House Keeping Services
  • Health Status Updates

Charges At Reduced Price

  • Professionals Support
  • Insurance Policy Services*
  • Try Your Kitchen Usage
  • Party Arrangements

Charges On Actual

  • Personal Expenses
  • Laundry Charges
  • Electricity for the Domicile
  • Hospital and Doctors Charges
  • Medical Expenses

Food and Beverage


  • Wide Coverage of Food Menu.
  • Recommendations by Diet Consultant.

Hot and Cold Beverages

Coffee, Tea & Milk at Joints:
  • between 06:15 am and 06:45 am
  • between 03:45 pm and 04:30 pm
Soup/ Butter Milk/ Fresh Lime Juice at Joints:
  • between 11:00 am and 11:45 am at Joints

Festival Specials

  • Food Menu would include the Uniqueness of Such Festival
  • Celebrity Cooks would be Invited if needed as Part of the Celebration

Non Vegetarian

  • Outsourced
  • On Selective Days (Conditions Apply)
  • Note: Presently All Our Members eat Vegetarian Food Only

Try Your Kitchen (Vegetarian Only)

  • Separate Kitchen with all Infrastructure – can be Availed on Advance Booking Basis
  • More Useful for Performing Rituals or Pooja
  • Option to Try Your Taste with Nativity

Health Care And Fitness Support

  • Medical Care in Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic – Doctors of the Respective Field would be Available at Nandhavanam for Consultation
  • In-house Beds, Ambulance Facility, Staff Nurse & Attenders Professionally Managed by a Hospital
  • In – house Pharmacy & Laboratory
  • External Hospital Support
  • Yoga Hall and Open Air Yoga Court
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes by Professionals
  • Fitness Classes by Professionals
  • Group Medical Insurance Coverage (Proposal)
  • Individual Medical Insurance Coverage and Its Servicing


  • Cable Television Connection in Every Room
  • Browsing Center
  • Library cum Reading Hall attached with Coffee Shop
  • Newspapers in Every Joint
  • Three level Swimming Pool for kids, adults and seniors
  • Open & Closed Auditorium
  • Lawn cum Open Air Theater
  • Closed Theater
  • Video Telecast System
  • Rental Services on Laptops with Internet Facility, DVDs, Disc Players, Digital Still Camera, Handy Camera, etc.
  • Public Addressing System, Audios & Radios
  • Special Performances by Artists, Musicians on Selective Occasions
  • Wide and Possible Range of Indoor Games
  • Tennis & Badminton Courts
  • Architecturally Designed Huge Water Body attached with Relaxing Chairs

Travel Desk Support

travel desk
  • 24 x 7 Travel Desk Support
  • Shuttle Services between Nandhavanam and Kancheepuram at Predefined Timings
  • Motorised Conveyance Facility within Nandhavanam
  • Pickup and Drop Services between Airport, Bus Terminus, Railway Stations and Nandhavanam (Chennai & Kancheepuram).
  • Ticket Booking Services
  • Pickup and Drop Facility between Outside Hospitals, Banks, Halls, Commercial Centers etc. and Nandhavanam
  • Group Tours and Trips among Members
  • Group Temple Visit among Members on Leisurely Days. No Such Visit can be arranged on Festival Days and Holidays

High Standard Life Style

  • Exhibition Hall cum Party Hall to celebrate Anniversaries and to host Private Parties & Functions
  • Walking, Jogging Courts & Open Lawn
  • Free Banking Services on Specified Days and Time
  • Free Insurance Policy Servicing
  • Arranging Professional’s Support and Providing Liaison Services like CAs, Pleaders, etc.
  • Property Management Services
  • Water Dispensers at Every Joints
high standards
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • 24 X 7 Power Back–Up Facility
  • Ritual Performance Place
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Electrical and Electronics Equipments Under Lease
  • RO Plant for Drinking Water (Proposal)
  • Floor level walkways to reach Kitchen and Elevators (Proposal)
  • Bio Gas Facility and Solar Energy for Kitchen Usage (Proposal)

Terms and Conditions For Life Time Membership

  • Membership for Life Time Period and Not Transferable.
  • Shall Undergo Medical Screening, Personal Verifications Formalities etc.
  • A Member Can Opt Among the Four Categories of Membership
  • A Member Can Also Chose the Colour Choice for their Room interiors Subject to Availability and Feasibility
  • Deposit Varies Based on the Health Condition of a Member
  • One Time Admission Fee (Non Refundable) and Six Month Advance Maintenance Charges (Refundable & Adjustable) shall be Payable while taking the Membership
  • Monthly Charges Exclude Electricity Bill, Laundry, Personal Expenses within Nandhavanam
  • Shall Pay the Monthly Charges and Their Personal Expenses within the Due Date
  • Membership Agreement along with Nominee and Sponsors shall be Subscribed while Becoming as a Member.
  • Minimum Lock In Period and Stay Conditions are Applicable
  • Maintenance Cost is Revisable Every April
  • The Management Reserves the Right of Admission or Termination of a Membership

Terms for Short Stay Option

  • Minimum Short Stay Period – 1 Month. Subject to General Checkup by Doctor along with a Self-Declaration about Health Status
  • Charges for 1 Month shall be paid in Advance Calculated on Per Day Basis
  • Charges Include Food & Lodging
  • Short Stay Refundable Deposit shall be Payable (Decided on Case to Case Basis)
  • Short Stay Agreement along with Nominee shall be Subscribed
  • Deposit will be Refunded on Checkout Subject to Other Deductions Like Additional Services Availed, Damages to Assets If Any etc.
  • Period of Stay should be Decided Upfront. No extension shall be Allowed and the Person Should Checkout on the Pre-Agreed Date
  • Admission is Subject to Availability of Accommodation and the Management Reserves the Right of Admission or Rejection
  • For Further Details, Contact : Nandhavanam

Option for Future Membership

  • Interested Person can Register Himself/ Herself under ‘Soon After Membership’ Category if Himself/ Herself Wants to Take the Membership Beyond a Period of Six Months.
  • Part of Refundable Deposit Shall be Paid While Registering Under This Category
  • Six Months Advance Intimation must be given to Nandhavanam before Becoming as a Regular Member by Such Person. First Preference Would be extended to Such Persons as per Their Order of Registering
  • At the Time of Admission the Individual Shall Fulfill All the Regular Terms and Conditions as Applicable to a New Member at that Point of Time Like Medical Checkup, Background Verification, Payment of Admission Fee, Balance of Refundable Deposit, Advance Maintenance Cost, etc.
  • The Management Reserves the Right of Admission or Rejection
  • If such Individual decides at later point to Call Back His/ Her Decision, they may Cancel Their Interest and get the Deposit Refunded
  • For Further Details, Contact : Nandhavanam

Terms for Visitors and Guest

  • Only Relatives of an Existing Member can Stay at Nandhavanam as Guest
  • Guest of Silver Category Members will be Provided Separate Accommodation. They will be charged on Per Day Basis
  • Guest of Gold and Diamond Category Members will be provided Accommodation within the Members Room and 30 man days in a Financial Year shall be complementary. However, they will be charged for food, bed, Personal Expenses within Nandhavanam, etc. Beyond 30 days of Stay, the Guest will be charged on Per Day Basis.
  • Guest of Platinum Category Members will be provided Accommodation within the Members Room and 60 man days in a Financial Year shall be complementary. However, they will be charged for food, bed, Personal Expenses within Nandhavanam, etc. Beyond 60 days of Stay, the Guest will be charged on Per Day Basis.
  • The Member Shall Initiate the Request for Guest Accommodation and Prior Approval by The Management is Mandatory.

Basic Requirements to become as a Member

  • Every Indian Citizen, Male or Female, Aged above 45 years.
  • Should Function Independently While Taking the Membership
  • Should have Sufficient Financial Ability to Meet out both the Present and Future Cost of living
  • Should have Sufficient Financial Ability to Meet out Future Cost which may arise due to Health Issues.

Restrictions to become as a Member

  • Any Person with any Type of Communicable Disease(s)
  • Any Person Ailing from any Type of Major and/or Complex/Venereal Disease(s)
  • Person of Insane or Unsound Mind
  • Any Person who was Either Punished by any Court of Law or Arrested or Imprisoned for any Fraud, Offenses or on Charges or Against Whom any Pending Complaints Laying with any Police Station, or Against Whom any Trial before Civil or Criminal Court or Any other Authority is pending anywhere either within or outside India
  • Any Person who is Addicted to Smoking, Chewing of Pan, Drug, Alcohol, etc.
  • Any other Ground(s) of Rejection as Decided by the Management on Case to Case Basis
  • The Management Reserves the Right of Admission or Rejection of an Application.
  • In Case if A Member, Concealed such Restrictions while Taking His/ Her Membership, the Management will have the Full Right to Terminate such Membership Immediately upon Knowing the Fact of Such Concealment.

Procedure to Become as a Member

  •  Visit the Corporate Office or Nandhavanam and Understand the Procedures including the Terms and Conditions to Become as A Member of “Nandhavanam”
  • Get to Know the Tentative Admission Time from Nandhavanam
  • Submit the Application along with Background Verification Charges
  • After the Successful Background Verification, Undergo Medical Screening as per the recommendations of our Panel Doctors at Your Cost
  • After the Successful Medical Screening, Make Payments towards the Refundable Membership Deposit, Joining Fee, Advance Maintenance Charges etc Applicable to the Category of Membership as Advised by the Management
  • Execute the Contract of Membership, Nomination Form etc.
  • The Management will confirm the date and from the date of joining the person will be within the Cares of “Nandhavanam” as a Member.