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15 million elderly Indians live all alone: Census

By: Rema Nagarajan| TNN | Oct 1, 2014

The ugly truth about old age in India

The Hindu – New Delhi: June 15, 2016

Five charts show how the elderly in India are growing – 24.04.2017

35 per cent jump pushes 60-plus population in India

Indian Express | Mumbai | April 22, 2016

National programme for elderly

By. Madhuri Bind, November 7- 2012

Elders Abuse India, By Sons , Not Daughter’s In Law Study

Ramani’s Blog, 03rd March 2013

Look out India! We have an aging population problem

Population Growth of India: Myths vs Realities

Hubpages – July 4, 2015

Demography & epidemiology of psychiatric disorders 

Dr. Ravi Soni, Psychiatrist, Oct 2, 2014

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