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India's Largest Assisted Living Facility - Nandhavanam Welcomes You !

A Single Window Solution To Lead A Stress Free Life During Old Aged

Freedom From

Property Tax Payments, Electricity Payments, Water / Sewerage Charges Payments, House Maintenance Issues, Servant Maid Absence, Festival Celebration Tension, Cooking Job, Washing & Vessel Cleaning Work, Health Followup & Insurance Followups, Cash Handling Issues, Procurement of Provisions and Vegetables, House Gate Keeper Job, etc.

Enjoyment and Peace

Ample Time to Read Your Books, Spend More Time With Neighbors, Spend More Time In Knowledge Hunt and Sharing, Living With Same Age Group People Who Can Understand Your Importance, No Fear of Loneliness, Watch Your Favorite Channels and Movies, Involving In Fitness and Well Being, Food and Beverages in Right Time, Spend More Time on Social Medium with Friends and Relatives, Retain Your Respect, Privacy with Dignity and Pride, Help Others and Experience the Satisfaction in Life.


250 & 500 Sq Ft, Independent Accommodation | Assisted Living Facility Block for Immobile Seniors | Phase III Bookings On

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Justice Shri. V. Ramasubramaniam

Need For Facility Like Nandhavanam

  • Shrinking Joint Family System
  • Single Child Family
  • Abroad and Out of Station Employment
  • Increasing Cost of Living and Maintenance
  • Lack of Manpower and Resources for House Needs
  • Difference of Opinion Among Relatives
  • Loss of Freedom and Independent Living
  • Increasing Threat Through Paid Servants
  • Lonely Living Houses
  • Increasing Medical Ailments and Lack of Support

Who Needs Nandhavanam?

  • Individuals who wish to stay away after their children’s marriage
  • Individuals whose children are either living or settled in other States of India or in any other Country
  • Individuals who wish to attach themselves on serving human society
  • Individuals who wish to live in peaceful and secured ambiance after their retirement
  • Individuals who have not married and become seniors
  • Couples who do not have either children or persons to care

Importance of ALF (Assisted Living Facility) In India

When the old age is nearing, one tend to lose the ability to walk, talk and hear and slowly they become like a child. Every person who lived their life honestly and straight forwardly, look for the mercy of others, to fulfill their day to day needs. During any emergency many of the elders are left alone for hours together and the chances of admitting them in hospitals are lost. This not only results in end of some ones life but also brings physical disablement to the elder and un-comfort to rest of their family members. There is no trained manpower available for elder’s care in houses. Affordability has also become the major reason for ignoring elders care. In many cases, even the elders are having sufficient amount for their care, there is no one prepared to take them care due to various reasons. In present commercial world everything has become money oriented and there is very less human services and mind is prevailing. Old age homes have become as social stigma and corporate service providers need to emerge in caring the senior population. As the future is going to be largely of seniors and old aged people, it is the need of the hour to form the Assisted Living Facility. People confuse Retirement Living and Assisted Living as same. But both are not same. Assisted Living comes beyond Retirement Living. One may be happy while they are independent to take care of their day to day needs say from 60 to 70 years of age. But beyond that, when they become sick and old, they should choose an ALF necessarily. It is the need of the hour.

Dr. Chandrasekar

Shri. B S Raghavan IAS Retired

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Key Features At Nandhavanam

Food & Beverage | Independent Domicile | Poly Clinic | Visiting Doctors | WiFi Internet | Physio Therapists | Indoor & Out Door Games | Library | Theater| Temple Visits | Shuttle Service | Fitness & Yoga | Attenders  | Staff Nurse | Power Backup | Ambulance


I have been in touch with your Nandhavanam project and all of you in charge, from May, 2012. I have visited atleast 3 times during the building of the place. However, when I visited on 20th.October, 2013, on my way to Chennai from Bangalore, I was very happy to see the excellent development and the friendly management. You have briefed and trained your employees to be friendly and helpful. I could experience the rural environmentand rural hospitality that we come across in India. This was in elegant urban comfort that all of us are used to, these days.

My brother and his wife who have become early members, looked relaxed and very happy, and the accommodation looked comfortable and planned in good taste. That reminds me about tasting the lunch you kindly provided, which made my niece Mini, her husband, Capt. Suresh and myself, very relaxed to continue our journey. I congratulate all of you for building and executing this excellent set up. Please keep it up. I’m sure you will

Smt. Malathi Mohan Retired Professor and Past President, Indian Dietetic Association, Bengaluru

BEST WISHES AND MY PRAYERS FOR THE GREAT SUCCESS OF “Nandhavanam”. I am very much sure that a VISIT to Nandhavanam would give a NOSTALGIC EFFECT to everyone. Yes, it is a MAGNIFICIANT PROJECT. The SEED is just sown. I am confident that this would BLOSSOM into a BIG GARDEN in the near future. Indeed NANDAVANAM would be a LAND MARK in the given area VERY SOON. I WISH THE PROJECT A GREAT GRAND SUCCESS

Shri. A. Srinivasa 51 Yrs., Chief Manager, Overhaul Division, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. - Bangalore.

In many families in our society, we hear of children being employed abroad leaving their parents back home, to fend for themselves. In respect of those other families residing in towns and cities, it has become almost a necessity for both husband and wife to work in order to have decent life and a secured future. Consequently, elders in such families also feel neglected.

I would say that in these circumstances, neglect of elderly parents is not willful, but circumstantial. Because of their work schedule, the children are not even able to provide urgent medical attention. When they themselves are dependent on fast food, how can they provide nutritious food to their elderly parents? Elders also need a refreshing walk in the morning and evening. This is also not possible, because there is hardly any entertainment available for elders expect the TV. Alternative arrangements for taking care of the elders and providing them adequate medical facility and entertainment have therefore become essential.

I congratulate the promoters of “Nandhavanam” for their venture, which is expected to provide all these facilities at an affordable cost. It’s truly a “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”.

May God provide them all wisdom to establish the home for the aged with all facilities, I wish them success

Shri. D.Solomon Jeya Paul 70 Yrs. Rtd. Secretary, Legislative Assembly Secretariat TN

The world today is mechanical. Practically speaking it is not the same as it was. Everyone has to run here and there for one or the other reason. Children don’t have much time to speak to their parents. Nandhavanam will be a place where the same aged people would be able to rewind their memories, laugh together and share their feelings. A relaxing place is the most needed one at old aged. All our wishes are with you

Shri. S. Perumal 72 Yrs. Rtd. Assistant Public Prosecutor - Grade I - Madurai.